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Student Email Use Policy


Student Email System

Please carefully read the following:

Conditions and Notification of Use Policy

  • All student Electronic Mail (email) accounts are property of the Indian Prairie Board of Education. Email activities must comply with Board of Education Policy 645 (Internet Access). The user accepts all responsibility to understand the policy.
  • The student will be removed from the system after graduation, leaving the school district, or infractions outlined below.
  • The primary purpose of the student electronic mail system is for students to communicate with school staff, outside resources related school assignments, and fellow students to collaborate on school activities. Account user names and passwords will be provided to parents so those parents can monitor the account and communicate with teachers. Use of the district's email system is a privilege.
  • Use of the email system will align with the school's code of conduct and the code will be used for discipline purposes. Communication through the district's email system will exhibit common sense and civility. It will abide by the community's mode of acceptable behavior. Students are responsible for messages sent from their accounts. Students should not share their passwords.
  • Messages posted on the district's email system cannot cause disruption to the school environment or normal and acceptable school operations. Occasional and reasonable personal use of the district's email is permitted, providing that this does not interfere with the performance of the electronic mail system or disrupt the operation of the schools. Electronic mail from the 204 system can be checked from home or from school computers, as long as it does not disrupt the operation of the classroom or school.
  • The email system cannot be used to operate a personal business. The account may not be sold or otherwise reassigned without written consent of either the Director of MIS or the Director of Instructional Technology. The account may be revoked if used inappropriately.
  • Students will report any unusual activities such as "spam" communications, obscene email, attempts by adults to lure them into dangerous behaviors, and the like to the school's technology contact for action. Students should not forward chain letters, jokes, or graphics files.
  • Students will not identify their home telephone numbers, or home addresses in any email correspondence.
  • Electronic mail sent or received by the 204 system is not confidential. Although the Board of Education does not make a practice of monitoring electronic mail, the administration reserves the right to retrieve the contents of user mailboxes for legitimate reasons, such as to find lost messages, to conduct internal investigations, to comply with investigations of wrongful acts or to recover from system failure.
  • System administrators may create filters to scan for and eliminate viruses and large graphic files (i.e. animated Santa during December) that are unrelated to the school district’s operation.
  • When issues arise, the department will deal directly with the student, school administration and/or parents/guardians. Improper use of the system will result in discipline and possible revocation of the student email account. Illegal activities on the system will be referred to law enforcement authorities for appropriate legal action.
  • As it deems necessary, the Board of Education may contract with outside agencies to operate the student electronic mail system. If this arrangement is made, all parts of this statement remain in force.
  • The Instructional Technology Department is responsible to ensure the efficient use of the electronic mail system. The interpretation of appropriate use and future revisions of this guideline are the responsibility of the Director of Instructional Technology.
  • If necessary, the Board of Education, at its discretion, may close the accounts at any time. Any updates or changes to this electronic mail agreement by the Board of Education or administration will be in effect.


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