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Girls Gymnastics


WVHS Girls Gymnastics

Current Season:


Head Coach:
Phillip Gilmer
Ashley Piton

Team History

WV Girls Gymnastics History

WVHS Girls Gymnastics began as a Varsity Sport in 1991

Year Coach Overall Conf. Record Conf. Place Notable
 2017-18 Phillip Gilmer  4-34th 
Phillip Gilmer1-121-44th 
2015-16 Phillip Gilmer 0-5   5th  
2014-15 Sarah Thompson 2-4   5th  
2013-14 Casey Groah   1-4 6th  
2012-13 Nicole Daly 2-4 2-4 5th  
2011-12 Nicole Daly 5-1   Champs Regional Champs
2010-11 Nicole Daly 5-1   2nd Regional Champs
2009-10 Kelly Swanson   3-2 4th  
2008-09 Lacy Woulfe 3-8 2-3 5th  
2007-08 Lacy Woulfe &
Ashley Abruscato
7-4 2-5 5th  
2006-07 Jennifer Watson & Lacy Wilebski 2-4 1-4  5th  
2005-06 Jennifer Price &
Lacy Wilebski
1-7 1-4 5th  
2004-05 Jennifer Price &
Lacy Wilebski
5-16 4-4 4th  
2003-04 Jennifer Price &
Lacy Wilebski
1-8   4th  
2002-03 Jennifer Price &
Lacy Wilebski
?   4th  
2001-02 Kari Pankuch 7-7 4-6 4th  
2000-01 Kari Pankuch 6-9      
1999-00 Kari Pankuch     6th  
1998-99 Kari Karubas 4-15 2-5 4th  
1997-98 Kari Karubas 5-8      
1996-97 Anne-Marie Lemp 0-8 0-3 4th  
1995-96 Gretchen Rechenmacher 2-1   3rd  
1994-95 Gretchen Speich 2-10   3rd  
1993-94 Gretchen Speich 8-10   3rd  
1992-93 Gretchen Speich 1-15 0-5 4th  
1991-92 Gretchen Speich 0-9   6th  

Blank spaces in Records and Conference placement are unknown.

Individual Honors

WVHS Girls Gymnastics
Individual Honors

All Conference

Name Year Selection
Leanne Maksin 2003 Floor
Cassy Waldman 2007  
Mar Martinez 2007  
Danielle Christy 2008  
Cassy Waldman 2008  
Maddie Strick 2011 Uneven Parallel Bars
Jessica Malon 2012 Uneven Parallel Bars
Jessica Malon 2013 Balance Beam

State Qualifiers

Name Year Event
Jill Merrifield 1997 Floor - 26th
Cristine Roberts 2002 All-Around - 19th
Balance Beam - 5th
Vault - 24th
Uneven Parallel Bars - 24th
Cassy Waldman 2007 Uneven Parallel Bars - 30th
Cassy Waldman 2008 Uneven Parallel Bars - 28th
Vault - 12th
Danielle Christy 2009 Vault - 12th
Jordyn Penny 2011 All-Around - 30th
Vault - 14th
Balance Beam - 33rd 
Maddie Strick 2011 Uneven Parallel Bars - 12th
Maddie Strick 2012 Uneven Parallel Bars - 12th
Jessica Malon 2012 Uneven Parallel Bars - 29th

Some information may be missing or unknown.

Season Recaps

WV Girls Gymnastics Season Recaps



Varsity:  4-3 in Conference, 3rd in Regionals, Jessica Houghton, Melissa Martin, and Kaitlyn Stocco qualified for Sectionals, Melissa Martin qualified for State
JV: 5-3 in Conference
  • Melissa Martin, All-Academic, MVP 
  • Madison Moore, All-Academic
  • Taylor Schuch, All-Academic
  • Kaitlyn Stocco, all-Academic

This season was a great season for the girls. They came together as a team and started to perform at their best which earned us a 4th place team score in conference. There were many great personal bests for each of the girls including a high enough score for Jessica Houghton, Kaity Stocco, and Melissa Martin to advance to sectionals, and for Melissa to make it to State! Melissa competed hard at state and tied for 16th place. We are looking forward to next season and seeing where we can go from here. 


Varsity: 1-12 Overall, 1-4 in Conference (4th in DVC), 2nd in Regionals  Team Picture
JV: 2-8 Overall, 2-3 in Conference (6th in DVC)

  • Jessica Houghton: All-Academic
  • Lauren Madamba: All-Academic
  • Melissa Martin: All-Academic
  • Taylor Schuch: All-Academic
  • Marie Dix: MVP


Varsity: 0-5 Overall, 5th in conference, 4th in Regionals   Team Picture
JV: 2-3 Overall, 3rd in Conference

  • Jordyn Barnhart: All-Academic
  • Jessica Houghton: All-Academic
  • Melissa Martin: All-Academic
  • Taylor Schuch: All-Academic


Varisty:  2-4 Overall, 5th in Conference, 3rd in Regionals  Varsity Team Picture
JV:  3-3 Overall, 3rd in Conference  JV Team Picture

  • Morgan Powell: All-Academic, MVP

This season, the Warrior/Mustang Coop Gymnastics Team  Varsity scored a season high of 132, and JV a 118. The season concluded with Waubonsie Valley's Morgan Powell and Metea Valley's Claire Samojedny qualifying for the Sectional Meet. Morgan qualified for the meet on the floor exercise while Claire qualified in the All-Around competition. Claire also qualified for State on the Uneven Bars.


Varsity: 1-4 in Conference (6th Place), 3rd in Regionals  Team Picture
JV: 3-3 in Conference (6th Place)

The entire varsity team was made up of freshman besides one upperclassman. The gymnasts improved throughout the season.  The varsity team started out at the beginning of the season with a team score of 124 and ended its season with a season high score at Conference of 130.2.  Four girls made it to sectionals this season in individual events:  Veronice Zahn on Vault, Allison Yu on Beam, Lexi Beutler and Marianna Georgiou on Floor.

  • Marie Dix: Sportsmanship Award 


Varsity: 2-4 in Conference (5th Place), 3rd in Regionals  Team Picture
JV: 0-6 in Conference
JV2: 0-6 in Conference

The Waubonsie/Metea Co-op gymnasts had a difficult season due to injuries that sidelined many of our top varsity athletes.  Even though there were tough challenges, the girls stuck together as a team and several gymnasts stepped up to the plate and performed their best.  Three gymnasts qualified for Sectionals, senior captains Jessica Malon and Carolyn Jennrich, and freshman Alaina Kapla.  Jessica Malon was also the Balance Beam Champion at Conference and Regionals.

  • Michaela Valatkas: All-Academic
  • Katie Stewart: All-Academic
  • Kristy Fogle: All-Academic
  • Jessica Malon: MVP, All-Conference


Varsity: 5-1 Overall, Conference Co-Champions, Regional Champions,
             3rd in Sectionals  Team Picture
JV: 2-4 Overall

The Waubonsie/Metea Coop team scored a season high 141.675 at Regionals. Senior Maddie Strick was the Regional Champion on bars, 3rd on floor and vault and placed 2nd in the all around.  Maddie also tied her teammate junior Jessica Malon for 2nd place on beam.  Jessica was also 2nd on bars and on floor.  The team won the Hornet Invitational which hosts several of the most competitive teams in the area.   The Varsity gymnasts also placed 2nd at the Neuqua Valley Invite, 3rd at the Illinois Best Invite and 3rd at the York Invite.  For the first time in program history, WV gymnasts earned an Upstate Eight Conference Championship   The girls also claimed the Regional title for the 2nd year in a row and placed 3rd at Sectionals.  We also had three gymnasts qualify for state this season; Maddie Strick (bars), Jessica Malon (bars) and Elizabeth Brandenburg (Metea)(floor & vault). 

  • Jessica Malon: State Participant, All-Conference
  • Kelly Mathesius: All-Academic
  • Madeline Strick: All-Academic, State Participant
  • Michaela Valatkas: All-Academic


Varsity: 5-1 Overall, 2nd in Conference, Regional Champions, 3rd at Sectionals
JV: 5-1 Overall, Conference Champions    Team Picture

The Waubonsie/Metea Co-op Varsity gymnasts placed 3rd at the Hornet Invitational, 3rd at the Neuqua Valley Invitational and 1st at the Illinois Best Invitational.  The Varsity gymnasts also placed 2nd in Conference and for the first time in program history, captured the Regional championship! JV placed 1st at the Naperville Central Invitational and for the second year in a row took home the Conference title!

  • Laura Burns: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award Winner
  • Kelly Mathesius: All-Academic
  • Jordyn Penny: All-Conference, MVP, All-Sectional, State Participant
  • Maddie Strick: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Victoria Winslow: All-Academic


Varsity: 3-2 in Conference (4th Place), Second in Regionals   Team Picture
JV: 3-2 Overall, Conference Champs

  • Laura Burns: All-Academic
  • Danielle Christy: Sportsmanship Award
  • Emily Kelly: All-Conference, MVP, All-Academic, Naperville Sun MVP Honor Roll 
  • Madeline Strick: All-Academic, Naperville Sun MVP Honor Roll 


Varsity: 3-8 Overall, 2-3 in Conference (5th Place), 3rd in Regionals
           7th at the Hinsdale South Varsity Invite, 5th at theAndrew Freshman Invite,
           6th at the Illinois Best Varsity Invite, 7th at the Naperville Central JV2 Invite,
           2nd at the Neuqua Valley Varsity Invite, 6th at the York Varsity Invite
JV: 4-7 Overall, 2-3 in Conference (3rd Place)    Team Picture 

The gymnastics team had a rough first half of the season due to injuries that sidelined two varsity gymnasts. The team stepped up and pulled together during this time. We had two gymnasts qualify to sectionals on Vault, Kendyl Berger and Danielle Christy. Danielle moved on to State, placing 12th on Vault.

  • Kendall Berger: All-Academic
  • Laura Burns: All-Academic
  • Danielle Christy: MVP, All-Sectional in Vault, Naperville Sun Girls Gymnast of the Year, State Participant
  • Brianna Conlin: All-Academic
  • Alyssa Hawk: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 7-4 Overall, 2-5 in Conference (5th Place), 3rd Place in Regionals
JV: 1-9 Overall, 0-5 in Conference (4th Place)

The girls gymnastics team had a very successful season. The team placed 2nd at both the Hinsdale South Varsity Invite and the Neuqua Varsity Invite. They also placed 3rd at the Illinois Best Varsity Invite. Three gymnasts qualified to go to sectionals; Kendyl Berger, Danielle Christy, and Cassy Waldman. Cassy also qualified for State on the vault and bars.

  • Danielle Christy: All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Brianna Conlin: All-Academic
  • Cassie Waldman: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, All-Sectional, State Qualifier


Varsity: 2-4 Overall, 1-4 in Conference, 4th place Regional finish
JV: 1-6 Overall, 1-3 in Conference

The team doubled in size from last year and added new talent to the varsity level.  The girls
met all of their team goals and had two gymnasts, Mar Martinez and Cassy Waldman qualify for Sectionals.  Cassy Waldman advanced to the state meet.

  • Michelle Higgins: Sportsmanship Award
  • Mar Martinez: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Cassy Waldman: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, State Qualifier


Varsity: 1-7 Overall, 1-4 in Conference (5th Place)
JV: 0-7 Overall, 0-5 in Conference (5th Place)

The girls gymnastics team overcame injuries and low numbers with dedication and hard work to achieve the season's goals.

  • Mar Martinez: All-Academic, MVVP, Sectional Qualifier
  • Ari Ponton: Sportsmanship Award
  • Jamie Apfel: Sectional Qualifier


Varsity: 5-16 Overall, 4-4 in Conference (4th Place)


Vars: 1-8 Overall, 4th in Conference

  • Jocelyn Balini: MVP, Sportsmanship Award
  • Leanne Maksin: All-Academic
  • Danielle Moores: All-Academic


Varsity: 4th in Conference

  • Leanne Maksin: All-Conference, MVP
  • Jacquelyn Herrick: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 7-7 Overall, 4-6 in Conference (4th Place)

  • Candace Brooks: All-Academic
  • Jessica Koval: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Cristine Roberts: State Qualifier--All-Around--19th Place, MVP


Varsity: 6-9 Overall

  • Ashley Newman: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 6th in Conference

  • Haley Baltes: All-Academic
  • Ashley Newman: All-Academic


Varsity: 4-15 Overall, 2-5 in Conference (4th Place)

  • Haley Baltes: All-Academic
  • Monica Concar: All-Academic
  • Sara Humenik: All-Academic
  • Courtney Moran: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 5-8 Overall


Varsity: 0-8 Overall, 0-3 in Conference, 4th in Conference
JV: 2-6 Overall, 0-3 in Conference, 4th in Conference

  • Jill Merrifield: State Qualifier
  • Sarah Humenik: All-Academic
  • Jessica Lang: All-Academic


Varsity: 2-1 Overall, 3rd in Conference
JV: Second in Conference

  • Jill Merrifield: All-Academic
  • Vaness Nettleton: All-Academic


Varsity: 2-10 Overall, 3rd in Conference


Varsity: 8-10 Overall, 3rd in Conference


Varsity: 1-15 Overall, 0-5 in Conference (4th Place)


Inaugural Season - Varsity: 0-9 Overall, 6th in Conference


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