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Girls Bowling


WVHS Girls Bowling

Current Season:

2017 IHSA Regional Champions
2017 IHSA Sectional Champions

2013, 2014 IHSA State Champions

Head Coach:
Jennifer Nebor
Sammy Somola

Team History

WVHS Girls Bowling History

WVHS Girls Bowling became a Varsity sport in 2001-02

Year Coach Overall Conf. Record Conf. Place Notable
Marty Miller
12-2----No DVC BowlingRegional Champs
Sectional Champs
3rd in State
2015-16 Marty Miller 14-0 ---- No DVC
Regional Champs
Sectional Champs
5th in
2014-15 Marty Miller 48-1
Champs Regional Champs
3rd in State
2013-14 Marty Miller 43-1 27-1 Champs Regional Champs
Sectional Champs
2012-13 Marty Miller 45-3 36-0 Champs STATE
2011-12 Marty Miller 30-2 24-0 Champs Sectional Champs
3rd in State
2010-11 Marty Miller 24-3 24-0 Champs
2009-10 Marty Miller 49-6 49-1 Champs
2008-09 Amy Rymer 48-12 43-5 2nd 10th in State 
2007-08 Amy Rymer 58-2 47-1 Champs 3rd in State
2006-07 Amy Rymer 51-9 44-4 Champs  
2005-06 Amy Rymer 61-5 53-1 Champs Sectional Champs 8th in State
2004-05 Amy Rymer 48-13 38-10 2nd  
2003-04 Amy Rymer 24-32 17-23 6th  
2002-03 Amy Rymer 13-30-1 13-26-1 6th  
2001-02 Karen Popovich   3-37 8th  

Blank spaces in Records and Conference placement are unknown.

Individual Honors

WVHS Girls Bowling
Individual Honors

Perfect 300 Games

Ashley Rymer -- 2005
Julia Bond -- 2012, 2013
Rachael Felton -- 2013

All-Conference Honors

Name Year Selection
Ashley Rymer 2003  
Sara Landower 2003 Honorable Mention
Ashley Rymer 2004  
Gina Daffron 2004 Honorable Mention
Micaela Luna 2004 Honorable Mention
Ashley Rymer 2006  
Samantha Johnsen 2006  
Rachel Rymer 2006  
Gina Daffron 2006  
Katie Gould 2006 Honorable Mention
Katie Dupuis 2006 Honorable Mention
Gina Daffron 2007  
Katie Dupuis 2007  
Samantha Johnsen 2007  
Molly Reinle 2007  
Rachel Rymer 2007  
Katie Gould 2007 Honorable Mention
Katie Dupuis 2008  
Samantha Johnsen 2008  
Rachel Rymer 2008  
Molly Reinle 2008  
Hallie Szott 2008  
Sarah O'Brien 2008  
Devon Hudson 2009  
Sarah O'Brien 2009  
Molly Reinle 2009  
Rachel Rymer 2009  
Melissa Gresko 2009  
Laura Schafer 2009 Honorable Mention
Shannon Killmer 2010  
Charley Barbary 2010  
Devon Hudson 2010  
Kaylene Felton 2010 Honorable Mention
Charley Barbary 2011  
Kaylene Felton 2011  
Marianna Guerreri 2011  
Julia Bond 2011  
Charley Barbary 2012  
Julia Bond 2012  
Kaylene Felton 2012  
Rachael Felton 2012  
Marianna Guerrieri 2012  
Julia Schumacher 2012  
Julia Bond 2013  
Charley Barbary 2013  
Sara Barsotti 2013  
Marianna Guerrieri 2013  
Rachael Felton 2013  
Breanne Cura 2013  
Julia Bond 2014  
Sara Barsotti 2014  
Rachael Felton 2014  
Talyssa Melgoza 2014  
Violet Kirk 2014  
Veronica Dreyfus 2014  
Violet Kirk 2015  
Veronica Dreyfus 2015  
Angelica Hernandez 2015  
Serenity Quintero 2015  
Mirica Yancey 2015  
No Bowling in DVC  2016  
 Natalie Cura 2018 

State Qualifiers

Ashley Rymer 2003
Ashley Rymer 2006
Samantha Johnsen 2006
Rachel Rymer 2006
Gina Daffron 2006
Katie Gould 2006
Gina Daffron 2007
Samantha Johnsen 2008
Sarah O'Brien
All-State ~ 12th
Rachel Rymer 2008
Katie Dupuis 2008
Hallie Szott 2008
Sarah O'Brien
All-State ~ 7th
Rachel Rymer 2009
Laura Schafer 2009
Molly Reinle 2009
Melissa Gresko 2009
Devon Hudson 2009
Kaylene Felton 2011
Charley Barbary - 15th 2012
Rachael Felton - 43rd 2012
Marianna Guerrieri - 52nd 2012
Kaylene Felton - 57th 2012
Julia Bond 2012
Julie Schumacher 2012
Sara Barsotti 2012
Julia Bond
All-State ~ 4th
Charley Barbary - 30th 2013
Sara Barsotti
All-State ~ 7th
Marianna Guerrieri - 51st 2013
Rachael Felton - 24th 2013
Breanne Cura 2013
Taylor Westwood - Alt. 2013
Julia Bond
Rachael Felton - 20th 2014
Sara Barsotti - 70th 2014
Talyssa Melgoza 2014
Violet Kirk 2014
Veronica Dreyfus 2014
Violet Kirk
All-State ~ 12th
Veronica Dreyfus - 52nd 2015
Serenity Quinteros - 48th 2015
Angelica Hernandez - 73rd 2015
Mirica Yancey - 38th 2015
Savannah Lemmons - Alt. 2015
 Violet Kirk - 43rd 2016
Serenity Quinteros - 62nd 2016
Angelica Hernandez - 51st 2016
 Veronica Dreyfus - 45th 2016
 Mirica Yancey - 59th 2016
 Emma Dublin - Alt. 2016
 Katelyn Orisek - Alt. 2016
Natalie Cura - Alt. 2016
Serenity Quinteros - 16th2017
Mirica Yancey - 20th2017
 Angelica Hernandez - 56th2017
 Natalie Cura - 64th2017
 Katelyn Orisek - 61st2017

Some information may be missing or unknown.

Season Recaps

Girls Bowling Season Recaps


Varsity: 2-3 in Conference, 4-7 Overall, 4th place in Conference 

  • Rachel Cooper, Sportsmanship Award
  • Natalie Cura, MVP, All-Conference

"Our Lady Warriors fought hard the entire season on and off the lanes. We won several dual matches. Yet, we struggled as a team during tournament play. Several highlights for the season include many games above 200 and two ladies obtaining a series above 600 (Hailey Cairney and Natalie Cura). Natalie Cura made it to Sectionals for the season and competed with some of the best high school bowlers in the area from the Regionals. Overall, we will grow into the state level championship team in the coming years for the Lady Warriors."


Varsity: 12-2 Overall, Regional Champs, Sectional Champs, 3rd in State   Team Picture
JV: 5-7 Overall

  • Angelica Hernandez: All-Academic, State Qualifier
  • Mirica Yancey: All-Academic, Sportsmanship, MVP, State Qualifier
  • Serenity Quintero: MVP, State Qualifier
  • Natalie Cura: State Qualifier
  • Katelyn Orisek: State Qualifier

The Varsity team won 12 dual meets and won trophies in 5 of our 6 regular season tournaments.  Of those 5, we won 3 and finished second in the other 2. Waubonsie won the DeKalb tournament for the 5th straight year. We won the IHSA Regional tournament for the 4th year in a row, and the IHSA Sectional tournament for the 4th time in the last 6 years. Mirica Yancey took individual honors at the regional event and Serenity Quintero took individual honors at the Sectional tournament. Both girls finished in the top 20 at the State tournament finishing 20th and 16th respectively. The team finished in 3rd place. Waubonsie has now tied the state record of making the state tournament 6 years in a row. In the process Waubonsie has taken home 5 state trophyies.  Of our 5 starters, 3 will be graduating in May. Our 3 graduating seniors have scholarship offers to bowl on the college level.  We will begin next season with 2 returning players (one sophomore and one junior).

The JV Bowling team started the year looking for bowlers. When we finally got 5 bowlers, we had a hard time keeping all five healthy. From the garden variety sicknesses to a knee injury and a concussion from a kayak, we seldom entered a meet or tournament a whole team. When we had all five bowlers, though, we did well (3rd place at Buffalo Grove). Over time, the girls rallied together, supported each other and continued to improve throughout the year. The only bowler with team experience will graduate at the end of the year and the remaining four will take their learned experience into next year’s competition.


Varsity: 14-0 Overall, Regional Champs, Sectional Champs, 5th in State Team Picture
JV: 7-19 Overall

  • Veronica Dreyfus: All-Academic, State Participant
  • Angelica Hernandez: All-Academic, State Participant
  • Serenity Quintero: All-Academic, State Participant
  • Mirica Yancey: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, State Participant
  • Violet Kirk: MVP, State Participant
The Girls Bowling Team won all 14 of our dual meets and we won 2 of our 6 tournaments, winning the DeKalb tournament for the 4th straight year. We earned a trophy in each of the 6 tournaments in which we competed. Also, we won the IHSA Regional tournament for the 3rd year in a row, and the IHSA Sectional tournament for the 3rd time in the last 5 years. We finished 5th place at the State tournament and will be returning 3 of the 5 starters for next season.


Varsity:  48-1 Overall, 42-0 in Conference (UEC Champions-6th consecutive year),
              Regional Champions, 2nd in Sectionals, 3rd Place in IHSA State
JV:  26-4 in Conference, 30-2 Overall  -  Team Picture

  • Mirica Yancey: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Veronica Dreyfus: All-Conference
  • Serenity Quintero: All-Conference
  • Violet Kirk: All-Conference, All-State, Sportsmanship Award
  • Angelica Hernandez: All-Conference, MVP

This was a season of rebuilding/reloading for our team.  Three starters from the 2014 championship team graduated last year with only 2 girls with tournament and state experience returning.  The off season was particularly important.  Our 3 sophomores, 2 JV players we moved to varsity and a sophomore who transferred in from another school, along with our 2 juniors began practicing during the spring and continued through the summer and the fall.  The players competed in summer leagues, camps and scholarship tournaments.  As a result of this pre-season work along with our regular season practice, the team was ranked in the top 5 in the state by mid-season.  Going into the post season Waubonsie was ranked second in the state.  The team went on to win the Conference title for the 6th straight year, the Regional championship for the 2nd straight year, and captured 3rd place in the IHSA State tournament.  Waubonsie is just the fourth school in Illinois history to win a State trophy in four straight seasons.


Varsity: 43-1 Overall, 27-1 in Conference (Conference Champions),  Team Picture
             Regional Champions, Sectional Champions, 
JV: 24-20 Overall, 15-10 in Conference (3rd Place)

The 2013-2014 Varsity Girls Bowling team enjoyed the most successful season in the history of Waubonsie girls’ bowling.  The team won the IHSA State Championship and in doing so became the first team to defend their title since Harlem High School did it in 2000-2002.  This is the first year that the IHSA has had Regional play in bowling.  Waubonsie won the Regional and Sectional tournaments.  In the 6 tournaments we played in during the season, we had five first place finishes and one second place finish.  The team won the Upstate 8 Conference title for the 5th straight year.  The team won every match both in and out of conference. All six varsity players were named to the All-Conference Team.  Four graduating seniors have been offered the opportunity to bowl at the college level.  One senior, Julia Bond will be bowling for the University of Nebraska (NCAA Champs) in the fall.  
Each player achieved personal bests during the season:
Julia Bond was individual Regional, Sectional and IHSA State Champion.
Rachael Felton rolled a perfect game on the way to a career high series of 778.  She also won high average (222) of the Upstate Eight Conference.
Sara Barsotti rolled a career high series of 715.
Talyssa Melgoza had her career high average of 188, career high series of 659, and a career high game of 248.
Violet Kirk had a career high average of 181, career high series of 659, and a career high game of 248. 
Veronica Dreyfus had a career high average of 196, and career high series of 665.

  • Sara Barsotti: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Julia Bond: All Academic, All-Conference, MVP, Sportsmanship Award, Regional Champion, Sectional Champion, IHSA State Champion
  • Rachael Felton: All Academic, All-Conference, MVP
  • Talyssa Melgoza: All-Conference
  • Violet Kirk: All-Conference
  • Veronica Dreyfus: All-Conference 


Varsity: 45-3 Overall, 36-0 in Conference (Conference Champions), Team Picture
                                       IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS
JV: 38-6 Overall, 9-6 in Conference (2nd Place)

The 2012-2013 Girls Bowling team enjoyed the most successful season in the history of Waubonsie’s girls’ bowling, winning the IHSA State Championship. We were 21 pins shy of setting a new state record.  The team won 3 of the 6 tournaments in which it competed.  The team won the Upstate Conference title for the 4th straight year.  We were undefeated in Conference play, winning every match/every game.  The team placed 2nd in the sectional tournament which qualified us to play in the state tournament. All six players were named to the All-Conference team. Julia Bond and Sara Barsotti were named All State players.  They placed 4th and 7th respectively in the State Tournament.  Each player achieved a personal best during the season.  Marianna Guerrieri rolled her first career 700 series.  Charley Barbary rolled her first career 299 game and won individual honors at 2 tournaments. Julia Bond rolled her first career 300 game (did this twice) and rolled her first 800 series.  Breanne Cura rolled her first career 700 series and, in the process, rolled 18 consecutive strikes.  Rachael Felton won her first individual tournament and had a career high season average of 203. Sara Barsotti placed 7th in the state averaging 217. During the sectional tournament she closed 59 of 60 frames. 

  • Sara Barsotti: All-Academic, MVP, All-Conference, All-State - 7th in State
  • Julia Bond: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-State - 4th in State
  • Rachael Felton: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Charley Barbary: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Breanne Cura: Sportsmanship Award, All-Conference
  • Marianna Guerrieri: All-Conference


Varsity: 30-2 Overall, 24-0 in Conference (Conference Champions), Team Picture
             Sectional Champions, 3rd in State  
JV: 20-4 Overall, 16-0 in Conference (Conference Champions)

The Bowling team won 4 of the 6 tournaments in which they competed.  They placed second and third in the other two tournaments. The team won the Upstate Eight Conference title,  finishing undefeated in Conference play, winning every match, every game. One ranking service had Waubonsie ranked number 1 in the state for the entire month of January. All six players were named to the All-Conference team. After taking the Sectional Title, the team took third place in the IHSA State tournament with Charley Barbary placing 15th individually.

  • Charley Barbary: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Julia Bond: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Kaylene Felton: All-Academic, MVP, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Rachael Felton: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Marianna Guerrieri: All-Conference, State Participant
  • Julia Schumacher: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, All-Conference, State Participant
  • Sara Barsotti: State Alternate


Varsity: 24-3 Overall, 24-0 in Conference, Conference Champions, 6th in Sectionals
JV: 17-6 Overall, 17-3 in Conference (2nd Place)    Team Picture

We were undefeated in our conference and competed in the Gold division of each of our 7 tournaments, finishing 2nd in one and in the top 5 in 4 others. Our Varsity and JV players improved over the season and had fun competing in tournaments and meets.  
One of our players, junior Kaylene Felton finished 2nd and qualified to compete in the Girl's State Tournament. At the tournament she made the first round cut on Friday and finished 41st overall averaging 199 for the 12 game event.

  • Charley Barbary: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Julia Bond: All-Conference
  • Kaylene Felton: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Qualifier,
    Sportsmanship Award, MVP
  • Marianna Guerreri: All-Conference
  • Julie Schumacher: All-Academic 


Varsity: 49-6 Overall, 49-1 in Conference (Champions), 14th in Sectionals
JV: 6-7-1 Overall, 6-4-1 in Conference     Team Picture
Senior Shannon Killmer was the overall highest average bowler in Conference, finishing with a 189 average. Also, awarded All-Conference play was Freshman Charley Barbary (179, 2nd Place) and senior Devon Hudson (178, 3rd Place). Sophomore Kaylene Felton captured All-Academic honors and Honorable Mention (161). In Sectional play the team finished 14th.
  • Charley Barbary: All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Devon Hudson: All-Conference
  • Kaylene Felton: All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic
  • Shannon Killmer: All-Conference, MVP


Varsity: 48-12 Overall, 43-5 in Conference (2nd Place), 2nd in Sectionals, 10th in State   Team Picture
Tourney Places: Strikefest-15th, Reavis-6th, DeKalb-4th, Prospect-9th, Guilford 15th
JV: 41-19 Overall, 40-8 in Conference (2nd Place)

  • Melissa Gresko: All-Conference, State Participant
  • Devon Hudson: All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award, State Participant
  • Shannon Killmer: State Participant
  • Sarah O’Brien: All-Conference, All-Sectional, State Participant, All-State, Beacon News Girls Bowler of the Year
  • Rachel Rymer: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional, State Participant
  • Molly Reinle: All-Conference, State Participant
  • Laura Schafer: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention, State Participant


Varsity: 58-2 Overall, 47-1 in Conference (Champions 3rd year in a Row) (Every varsity bowler was named All-Conference), 2nd in Sectionals, 3rd in State (IHSA Record of 3126 for One Round), Sarah O’Brien 12th in State (All-State)
JV: 55-5 Overall, 47-1 in Conference (Champions Back-to-Back)

Varsity Invites: Strikefest--5th, Dekalb Holiday--2nd, Reavis Rock-n-Roll--3rd, Mt. Prospect--2nd, Rockford Guilford--3rd
JV Invites: Elgin Invite--3rd, Buffalo Grove--2nd

  • Katie Dupuis: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, All-Conference, Naperville Sun Honor Roll, State Participant
  • Samantha Johnsen: All-Conference, Naperville Sun MVP, State Participant
  • Sarah O’Brien: All-Conference, Naperville Sun Honor Roll, All-State, State Participant
  • Molly Reinle: All-Conference, State Participant
  • Rachel Rymer: All-Academic, All-Conference, Naperville Sun Honor Roll, State Participant
  • Hallie Szott: All-Academic, All-Conference, Naperville Sun Honor Roll, State Participant


Varsity:  51-9 Overall, 44-4 in Conference (Champs), Sectionals--3rd place with 5970 score
JV: 49-11 Overall, 45-3 in Conference (Champs)

Varsity repeated as conference champions and placed 6th or better in every tournament this season.  They defended their title at the DeKalb Holiday Invite, finished 3rd out of 44 teams at the Plainfield North Strike Fest, 3rd at the Rockford Guilford Invite, 5th out of 36 teams at the Mt. Prospect New Year Invite, 6th out of 28 teams at the Reavis Rock-n-Roll Invite and 3rd at Sectionals, missing a repeat trip to the State Tourney by six pins. 

The girls posted some very high scores this season, setting six team State records along with Samantha Johnsen shooting 280, which is an individual state record.  They bowled their highest two series during the sectional meet...2991 and 2979 for a 5970 total.  This total was the 5th highest shot in the state at any Sectional, however, due to the strength of the sectional, the team did not advance.  Gina Daffron advanced to State as an individual with a strong 1290 total (215 average).

  • Gina Daffron: All-Academic, All-Conference, Naperville Sun MVP, State Qualifier
  • Katie Dupuis: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Katie Gould: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Devon Hudson: Sportsmanship Award
  • Samantha Johnsen: All-Conference
  • Molly Reinle: All-Conference
  • Rachel Rymer: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Hallie Szott: All-Academic


Varsity: Overall--61-5 in Games, 13-0-1 in Matches. Conference--53-1.
Conference Champs, Sectional Champs, 8th in State
JV: Overall--52-14 in Games, 10-2-2 in Matches. Conference 45-9 (3rd Place)
JV2: 13-11 Overall--4th in Conference

It was a season of firsts for the Bowling team...first Conference title, first Sectional title, and first trip to State as a team. Ashley Rymer finished 16th individually and Samantha Johnsen finished 18th. The team won the Dekalb Holiday Invite and finished 3rd at the Rockford Guilford Invite, right behind the 1st and 2nd place teams in the State.

  • Gona Daffron: All-Conference, All-Academic, State Qualifier
  • Samantha Johnsen: All-Conference, State Qualifier
  • Ashley Rymer: All-Conference, MVP, All-Academic, State Qualifier
  • Rachel Rymer: All-Conference, State Qualifier
  • Katie Gould: All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic, State Qualifier
  • Katie Dupuis: All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic
  • Sara Laney: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 48-13 Overall, 38-10 in Conference (2nd Place)

Other Information is Missing


Varsity: 24-32 Overall, 17-23 in Conference (6th Place)
JV: 7-49 Overall, 5-31 in Conference (9th Place)

  • Gina Doffron: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Micaela Luna: All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic
  • Ashley Rymer: All-Conference, All-Academic, MVP
  • Sara Laney: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 13-30-1 Overall, 13-26-1 in Conference (6th Place)
JV: 13-27 in conference (7th Place)

  • Sara Landauer: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Megan Reinle: Sportsmanship Award
  • Ashley Rymer: MVP, All-Conference, State Qualifier


Inaugural season! Varsity 3-37 in Conference (8th Place)
JV: 10-30 in conference (8th Place)

  • Kam Lau: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Haenah Lee: All-Academic
  • Katie Vasseur: MVP


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