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Boys Soccer


WVHS Boys Soccer

Current Season:

Varsity Coach:
Jose Garcia
Julie Bergstrom

JV1 Coach:
Francesco Merenda

JV2 Coach:
Sammy Somola

Freshmen A Coach:
Molly Larson

Freshmen B Coach:
Pete Lambert

Team History

WVHS Boys Soccer History

WVHS Boys Soccer began as a Varsity sport in the Fall of 1985.
The team won the Regional Title 17 years in a row from 1987-2003.

Year Coach Overall Conf. Record Conf. Place Notable
2018-19Jose Garcia4-13-10-45th 
2017-18Jose Garcia10-11-1 3-5-0 6thRegional
Jose Garcia
Regional Champs
2015-16 Jose Garcia 4-13-1 1-7 9th  
2014-15 Jose Garcia 9-7-3 3-2-2 4th  
2013-14 Angelo Di Bernardo 10-8-2 2-3-1 4th Regional Champs
2012-13 Angelo Di Bernardo 13-7-1 3-3 3rd  
2011-12 Angelo Di Bernardo 9-8-3 4-3-2 5th  
2010-11 Angelo Di Bernardo 8-11-2 2-4 5th  
2009-10 Angelo Di Bernardo 13-7-2 8-2 2nd  
2008-09 Angelo Di Bernardo 8-11-1 4-5-1 7th  
2007-08 Angelo Di Bernardo 5-11-5 2-6-2 9th  
2006-07 Angelo Di Bernardo 14-6-2 8-1-1 Champs  
2005-06 Angelo Di Bernardo 18-6-2 7-1-2 2nd Regional Champs
2004-05 Angelo Di Bernardo 19-3-2 9-0-1 Champs  
2003-04 Angelo Di Bernardo 19-5-2 9-1 2nd Regional Champs
2002-03 Angelo Di Bernardo 20-5-1 9-1 2nd Regional Champs
2001-02 Angelo Di Bernardo 18-5-4 8-0-1  Champs Regional & Sectional Champs
2000-01 Angelo Di Bernardo 17-5-6 8-0-1 Champs Regional & Sectional Champs 3rd in State
1999-00 Angelo Di Bernardo 19-2-4 9-0 Champs Regional Champs
1998-99 Angelo Di Bernardo 24-4-1 9-0 Champs Regional Champs
1997-98 Angelo Di Bernardo 15-5-3 5-2 3rd Regional & Sectional Champs
1996-97 Angelo Di Bernardo 15-5-3 7-1  2nd Regional Champs
1995-96 Angelo Di Bernardo 15-6-3 6-1-1 2nd Regional & Sectional Champs
1994-95 Angelo Di Bernardo 19-3-2 7-1 Champs Regional & Sectional Champs
1993-94 Angelo Di Bernardo 14-7-1 5-2 3rd Regional Champs
1992-93 Angelo Di Bernardo 11-9-2 4-2-1  4th Regional Champs
1991-92 Angelo Di Bernardo 11-9-1 6-1  2nd Regional Champs
1990-91 Rudy Keller 13-10-2 5-1  2nd  Regional Champs
1989-90 Rudy Keller 16-3-3 6-0  Champs Regional Champs
1988-89 Rudy Keller 19-3-2   Regional Champs
1987-88 Rudy Keller 19-4-1   Regional Champs
1986-87 Rudy Keller 10-11-3      
1985-86 Rudy Keller 7-9-2      

Blank spaces in Records and Conference placement are unknown.

Individual Honors

WVHS Boys Soccer
Individual Honors

All-State, All-Sectional Recognition

1986 1988
Rob Begala
Steve Keller
Armando Sanders
1989 1992
Steve Keller
All-State, All-Midwest
Phil Nomura
All-Sectional, All-State
1994 1995
Mike Gentile
All-State, All-Sectional
Stephen Delagrange
All-State, All-Sectional
Aaron Ostergaard
Mike Furibondo
Stephen Delagrange
Robby Berkley
1996 1997
Robby Berkley
All-State, All-Sectional
Mike Radford
Luke Elbin
1999 2000
Denny Clanton
All-State, All-Sectional
Adam Bernardi
All Sectional
Jeff Loots
Dan Malloy
All-State, All-Sectional
Nic Wilson
2003 2004
Preston Bernardi
All State
Chay Cain
Chay Cain
Chris Schuler
All-Sectional, All-State,
Chris Schuler
All Sectional
Steve Kolzow
2005 2006
Drew VanKampen
Paul Tracy
All-Sectional, All-State,
Juan Carlos Hoyos
 Juan Carlos Hoyos
Alan Bickel
Matt Klancic
2007 2008
Ryan Dodson
Nikhil Patel
Greg Danielewicz
Anthony Di John
2009 2010
Nikhil Patel
Jason O'Brien
Oliver Mayer
2011 2012
Tyler Yanisch
Michael Mueller
Jack Cicchini
Frankie Saiz
2014 2015
Jon Braun
Leonardo Mendoza
Sohum Buch
 Ryan Dittmer
2016 2018
Jack Olmstead
Noah Glorioso
Brett Babcock
Ryan Sanchez
All-Sectional - Hon. Ment.
 Giaomo Parrino
All-Sectional - Hon. Ment.

All-Conference Honors

1989 1990
Steve Keller Dan Curtis
Bob Vozza Jim Southwick
Ryan Aoki Phil Nomura
Dave Kroening Mike Hess
Chip Hollister Brian Sweeney
Rusty Woerman Chuck Cigna
  Zak Jarrell
1991 1992
Phil Nomura Phil Nomura
Ryan Aoki Brian Diepolz
Zak Jarrell Mike Gentile
Allen Zielinski Neil Hollister
Chris Fidler  
1993 1995
Rob Knenlein Stephen Delagrange
Chad Furbee Sean Broihier
John Hyngstrom Robby Berkley
  Mike Furibondo
  Luke Elbin--Hon. Ment.
1996 1997
Brian Daugherty Mike Bock
Robby Berkley Denny Clanton
Luke Elbin Brian Daugherty
Adam Hitchman Adam Klitzke
  Mike Radford
1998 1999
Mike Bock Rick Barnett
Adam Hitchman Nic Wilson
Denny Clanton Denny Clanton
Nick Wilson Jeff Klitzke
Brian Orr Jeff Loots
Andy Pufundt--H.M. Dan Malloy--H.M.
Jeff Loots--H.M. Shawn Monaghan--H.M.
Rick Barnett--H.M. Adam Bernardi--H.M.
2000 2002
Adam Bernardi Alex Diepholz
Dan Malloy Nick Maschmier
Nick Maschmeier Matt Matekaitis
Danny May--H.M. Danny May
Alex Diepholz Preston Bernardi--H.M.
  Juan Castro--H.M.
  Nick DeNicolo--H.M.
2003 2004
Brian Abdallah Chris Schuler
Preston Bernardi Chay Cain
Danny May Danny Akl
Chris Schuler Alan Bickel
Adam Biernacki--H.M. Steve Kolzow
Juan Castro--H.M. Paul Tracy--H.M.
Chay Cain--H.M. Matt Klancic--H.M.
2005 2006
Alan Bickel Juan Carlos Hoyos
Juan Carlos Hoyos Matt Klancic
Paul Tracy Derek Lang
Drew VanKampen Shane Merriman
Matthew Mores--H.M. Paul Tracy
Matt Klancic--H.M.  
Chase Clarke--H.M.  
2007 2008
Ryan Dodson Nikhil Patel
Kit Carson--H.M. Adolfo Chavez 
Greg Danielewicz--H.M.  
Anthony Di John--H.M.  
2009 2010 
Oliver Mayer Jason O'Brien
Sean Elvert Tyler Yanisch
Jason O'Brien  
Nikhil Patel  
Jesus Cruz--H.M.  
2011 2012
Tyler Yanisch Michael Mueller
Jack Cicchini Jack Cicchini
Thomas Campbell--H.M. Frankie Saiz 
2013 2014
Sohum Buch Jon Braun
Robert Ohse Henry Zhenal
  Eddie Sanchez
2015  2016
Leonardo Mendoza Jack Olmstead
Ryan Dittmer - Spec. Ment. Brett Babcock
   Giacomo Parrino-Spec. Ment.
 2017 2018
 Stephan Spano
 Noah Gloriso
 Mitchell Mueller
All-Conference-Sp. Ment.
 Ryan Sanchez
  Brandon Garduno
  Daniel Fritz

Season Recaps

WVHS Boys Soccer Season Recaps


Varsity:  0-4-0 in Conference, 4-13-1 Overall, 5th in Conference
JV: 1-3-0 in Conference, 5-9-1 Overall
JV2: 1-3-3 in Conference, 5-4-3 Overall
FrA: 3-1-4 in Conference, 6-5-5 Overall
FrB: 1-4 in Conference, 4-8 Overall

The team developed great this year. We had an awesome group of student athletes. They were committed the whole season. They came to practice, which was fun and intense. Our record does not show how talented this group is. The competition we played the whole season was one of the best in all the state. The seniors this year did a great job at leading this young group for the next couple years to come. I look forward to next year and what this young group has to offer the program. 

  • Ajay Buch, Academic All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Daniel Fritz, Academic All-Conference
  • Jorge Gallegos, Academic All-Conference
  • Noah Glorioso, Academic All-Conference, MVP, All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Rohan Hindia, Academic All-Conference
  • Grant Manecke, Academic All-Conference
  • Tyler Mathews, Academic All-Conference
  • Adrien Mehra, Academic All-Conference
  • Ben Morales, Academic All-Conference
  • Daniel Morgan, Academic All-Conference
  • Sahit Reddy, Academic All-Conference
  • Ryan Sanchez, Academic All-Conference, All-Conference, All-Sectional Honorable Mention
  • Matthew Shannon, Academic All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Ryan Shea, Academic All-Conference
  • Brandon Garduno, All-Conference Special Mention
  • Daniel Fritz, All-Conference


Varsity:  3-5-0 in Conference, 10-11-1 Overall, 6th in Conference, runner-up Regional Play
JV: 2-0-4 in Conference, 8-3-7 Overall
JV2: 6-2-1 in Conference, 7-4-1 Overall
Freshman A: 3-5-1 in Conference, 12-7-1 Overall
Freshman B: 5-1-1 in Conference, 6-2-1 Overall

Boys’ varsity soccer ended the season with a conference record of 3-5-0 and an overall record of 10-11-1. We had a great run at the end beating 4th ranked West Aurora losing in the regional finals to Metea Valley. This season we will be graduating many seniors who made this season a special group. Throughout the season our mental goal was can we have grit and fight through any challenges. I feel, as a team, we accomplished this. Our senior leaders did a great job at preparing and mentoring many of our younger classmen to take over the reins next year. I look forward to what our young class has to offer next year.  


Varsity: 12-8-1 Overall, 3-4-1 in Conference (4th Place), Regional Champions
             Varsity Picture
JV1: 7-7-3 Overall    JV1 Picture
JV2: 3-5-1 Overall    JV2 Picture
Frosh: 10-6-2 Overall    Frosh Picture

2016 was a very memorable year for our program, improving from only four wins last year to 12 victories this season. The team capped off the season with a Regional Championship.

  • Brett Babcock: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Darius Grassi: All-Academic
  • Scott Heinen: All-Academic
  • William Kruchten: All-Academic
  • Mitchell Mueller: All-Academic
  • Matthew Shannon: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Stephan Spano: All-Academic
  • Alex Supel: All-Academic
  • Charles Zehnal: All-Academic
  • Giacomo Parrino: MVP, All-Conference Special Mention, All-Sectional Hon. Mention
  • Jack Olmstead: All-Conference, All-Sectional 


Varsity:  4-13-1 Overall, 1-7-0 in Conference (9th)   Varsity Picture
JV1:  9-6-3 Overall, 2-4-1 in Conference   JV1 Picture
JV2:  3-10-1 Overall, 1-6-1 in Conference   JV2 Picture
Freshman A:  6-10-2 Overall, 1-6-1 in Conference   Frosh Picture
Freshman B:  4-2-2 Overall, 4-2-2 in Conference

  • Brett Babcock: All-Academic
  • Nathan Bailey: All-Academic
  • Rogelio Grimaldo: All-Academic
  • Scotty Heinen: All-Academic
  • Jacob Hennessy: All-Academic
  • Less Kruchten: All-Academic
  • Noah Michael: All-Academic
  • Mitchell Mueller: All-Academic
  • Eric Ninmann: All-Academic
  • Giacomo Parrino: All-Academic
  • Nicholas Sapoznik: All-Academic
  • Cody Schroder: All-Academic
  • Stephan Spano: All-Academic
  • Alexander Supel: All-Academic
  • Jacob Van Drie: All-Academic
  • Charles Zehnal: All-Academic
  • Darius Grassi: All-Academic
  • Leonardo Mendoza: MVP, All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Ryan Dittmer: All-Conference Special Mention, All-Sectional    


Varsity: 9-7-3 Overall, 3-2-2 in Conference (4th Place)   Varsity Picture
JV1: 10-4-5 Overall  JV1 Picture
JV2: 2-10-5 Overall  JV2 Picture
Freshman A: 11-7-0 Overall  Frosh Picture
Freshman B: 4-5-1 Overall

  • Brett Babcock: All-Academic
  • Tyler Barker: All-Academic
  • Jonathan Braun: MVP, All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-Academic, Beacon News All-Area Team
  • Sohum Buch: All-Academic, All-Sectional
  • Jacob Hennessy: All-Academic
  • Jeffrey Ito: All-Academic
  • Eric Ninmann: All-Academic
  • Eddie Sanchez: All-Academic, Sportsmanship, All-Conference
  • Nick Sapoznik: All-Academic
  • Christopher Vitro: All-Academic
  • Henry Zehnal: All-Academic, All-Conference


Varsity: 10-8-2 Overall, 2-3-1 in Conference (4th Place), Regional Champs Varsity Picture
JV1: 4-7-6 Overall, 1-0-4 in Conference  JV1 Picture
JV2: 1-13 Overall, 0-4 in Conference  JV2 Picture
Frosh A: 7-10-1 Overall, 2-4 in Conference  Frosh Picture

After an inconsistent beginning of the season where we could compete and keep the score close in the big games against the best teams in the area and state, the team began to jell, and played some very good soccer. The became mentally tougher to the point that when it was time to play in our tournament and prepare ourselves for the playoffs the team responded better than anyone expected.

We finished our tournament in second place and beat a Batavia team that had a 10-1-0 record at the time, and were seeded 3rd in our sectional (we were seeded #7). We entered the regional competition hungry and ready to play. We beat West Aurora 3-2 and Batavia once again, this time 4-0 in order to win the first Regional Championship since 2007. After the Regional Championship game, we entered the sectional with the attitude that the Regional Championship wasn't enough. In the sectional semifinal we deservedly defeated the number 2 seed, Naperville North 1- 0, in what we thought it was our best 80 minute performance of the year. Unfortunately, in the Sectional Final even though we fought hard, we were defeated by the #1 seed, Naperville Central.

  • Tyler Barker:  All-Academic
  • Jonathan Braun:  All-Academic
  • Sohum Buch:  All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Casey Bucz:  All-Academic, Beacon-News All-Area Team
  • John Chapman:  All-Academic, MVP
  • Scott Cheshareck:  All-Academic
  • Austin Ionta:  All-Academic
  • Jeffrey Ito:  All-Academic
  • William Motluck:  All-Academic
  • Eddie Sanchez:  All-Academic
  • Henry Zehnal:  All-Academic
  • Benjamin Zoet:  All-Academic
  • Kevin Canfield:  All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Robert Ohse: All-Conference, Beacon-News All-Area Team


Varisty: 13-7-1 Overall, 3-3 in Conference (3rd Place)  Varsity Picture
JV1: 14-4-4 Overall, 3-1-1 in Conference  JV1 Picture
JV2: 10-2-1 Overall, 5-0-1 in Conference  JV2 Picture
Freshman: 8-12 Overall, 3-3 in Conference  Frosh Picture

The team finished very strong in the last month, winning 8 of the last 9 games.  The team finished 2nd in our bracket in the Best of the West Tournament.  The team won the Warrior Invitational Tournament for the 3rd year in a row.  We finished tied for 3rd in our Conference, and the team made it to the Regional Finals. 

  • Christopher Karkazis: All-Academic
  • Edward Sanchez: All-Academic
  • John Chapman: All-Academic
  • Jack Cordes: All-Academic
  • Benjamin Zoet: All-Academic
  • Casey, Bucz: All-Academic
  • Michael Mueller: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, Sportsmanship Award,
    All-Sectional, Naperville Sun All-Area
  • John Cicchini: All-Academic, All-Conference, Naperville Sun All-Area Honorable Mention
  • Jason Dressel: All-Academic
  • Sonny Saiz: All-Academic
  • Vishal Patel: All-Academic
  • Gytis Savukynas: All-Academic, Naperville Sun All-Area Honorable Mention
  • Frankie Saiz: MVP, Naperville Sun All-Area, All-Conference, All-Sectional, Naperville Sun All-Area


Varsity: 9-8-3 Overall, 4-3-2 in Conference, 1-3-2 in Division (5th Place)  Varsity Picture
JV1: 14-5-0 Overall, 2-3-2 in Conference, 1-3-2 in Division  JV1 Picture
JV2: 4-2-3 Overall, 2-1-1 in Conference  JV2 Picture
Frosh A: 7-3-5 Overall, 3-1-1 in Conference   Frosh Picture
Frosh B: 4-3-1 Overall, 2-2-0 in Conference

  • Sam Bell: All-Academic
  • Thomas Campbell: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • John Chapman: All-Academic
  • Jack Cicchini: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional Honorable Mention
  • John Cordes: All-Academic
  • Chris Dickens: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Timothy Eckert: All-Academic
  • Michael Mueller: All-Academic
  • Tyler Yanisch: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, All-Sectional,
    Beacon News All-Area
  • Benjamin Zoet: All-Academic


Varsity: 8-11-2 Overall, 2-4 in Conference (5th Place)  Varsity Picture
JV1: 19-1-1 Overall, 6-0 in Conference (Champs)  JV1 Picture
JV2: 10-5-1 Overall, 4-1 in Conference  JV2 Picture  JV2 Picture
Frosh: 7-2-1 Overall, 6-0 in Conference (Champions)  Frosh Picture

Of the 11 losses, 8 were by one goal. The team improved throughout the season and finished strong, with a 6-1-1 record in the last 8 games.

  • Sam Bell: All-Academic
  • Alex Brinlee: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Jack Cicchini: All-Academic
  • Chris Dickens: All-Academic
  • Michael Mueller: All-Academic
  • Jason O’Brien: All-Conference, All-Sectional Honorable Mention
  • Vish Patel: All-Academic
  • Sean Piegore: All-Academic
  • Gytis Savukynas: All-Academic
  • Tyler Yanisch: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP


Varsity: 13-7-2 Overall, 8-2 in Conference (2nd Place)   Varsity Picture
JV: 9-3-2 Overall, 5-2-1 in Conference JV Picture 
Soph: 9-7-4 Overall, 4-3-2 in Conference  Soph Picture
Freshman A: 16-0-1 Overall, 10-0 in Conference (Champions)   Frosh Picture
Freshman B: 6-0 Overall, 5-0 in Conference

The Varsity program rebounded from a down year, finishing 2nd in the Conference and playing in the finals of the Best of the West Tournament and Regionals.

  • Alexander Brinlee: All-Academic
  • Jesus Cruz: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Jack Dickens: All-Academic
  • Sean Elvert: All-Conference
  • Brent Ito: All-Academic
  • Oliver Mayer: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional, MVP,
    Beacon News All-Area Team
  • Jason O’Brien: All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Amar Pandya: All-Academic
  • Nikhil Patel: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional, Beacon News All-Area Team
  • Tyler Yanisch: All-Academic


Varsity: 8-11-1 Overall, 4-5-1 in Conference (7th Place), Regional Finalists 
             Varsity Picture
JV: 9-2-2 Overall, 2-1-1 in Conference (2nd Place)  JV Picture
Soph: 12-3-3 Overall, 7-1-2 in Conference (2nd Place)  Soph Picture
FrA: 12-3-1 Overall, 6-2-1 in Conference (2nd Place)  Frosh A Picture
FrB: 7-3-2 Overall, 5-2-1 in Conference (3rd Place)  Frosh B Picture

The team finished the season 4-1-0 in strong fashion. Despite the number of injuries that the team experienced, they remained competitive and improved every game, saving the best soccer for the Warrior Invite and the play-offs. Varsity finished 4th in the Best of the West tournament and were 2nd in the Warrior Invite by goal differential.

  • Karim Aziz: All-Academic
  • Adolfo Chavez: All-Conference
  • Joseph Davies: All-Academic
  • Jack Dickens: Sportsmanship Award, All-Academic
  • Ryan Dodson: All-Academic
  • Brent Ito: All-Academic
  • Oliver Mayer: All-Academic
  • Nik Patel: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, All-Sectional, Beacon News All-Area Team


Varsity: 5-11-5 Overall, 2-6-2 in Conference (9th). 5th in the Best of the West Invite, 2nd in the Warrior Invitational. The team lost in the Regional final.
JV: 6-5-4 Overall, 3-3-2 in Conference.
Sophomores: 15-2-2 Overall, 7-1-1 in Conference
Freshman A: 4-3-2 Overall, 2-3-1 in Conference

The Warriors had a tough season according to the record. The team played hard, trained hard, and gave their best every day. They made improvements at the end of the season, going 3-1-1 the last five games.

  • Kit Carson-All Conference Honorable Mention, Naperville Sun First Team, Beacon News Honorable Mention All-Area
  • Greg Danielewicz-All Conference Honorable Mention, All Sectional Honorable Mention
  • Anthony DiJohn-All Academic, All Conference Honorable Mention, All Sectional Honorable Mention, Sportsmanship Award
  • Ryan Dodson-All Conference, Naperville Sun First Team, All Sectional, MVP, Beacon News Honorable Mention All-Area
  • Andrew Lieske-All Academic
  • Oliver Mayer-All Academic
  • David Musachia-All Academic
  • Nikhil Patel-All Academic, Beacon News Honorable Mention All-Area
  • Alex Soriano-All Academic


Varsity: 14-6-2 Overall,   8-1-1 in Conference (Champions)
JV: 5-4-4 Overall,  3-3-1 in Conference
Sophomores: 5-8-6 Overall,  2-4-3 in Conference
Frosh: 2-8-8 Overall,  1-2-6 in Conference

  • Kit Carson-Naperville Sun All-City
  • Juan Carlos Hoyos-All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Anthony DiJohn-All-Academic
  • Greg Hoefert-All-Academic
  • Andrew Horn-All-Academic
  • Matt Klancic-All-Conference, All-Sectional, Naperville Sun All-City
  • Derek Lang-All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Shane Merriman-All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, MVP, All-Conference
  • Michael Schafer-All-Academic
  • Paul Tracy-All-Conference, Naperville Sun All-City, Chicago Sun Times All-Area, Chicago Tribune All-State Second Team, All-Sectional, All-State, All-Midwest


Varsity: 18-6-2 Overall, 7-1-2 in Conference (2nd Place), Regional Champions
JV: 6-5-1 Overall, 6-1-1 in Conference
Sophomores: 8-8-1 Overall, 7-3-1 in Conference
Frosh: 5-8-4 Overall, 3-2-3 in Conference

  • Alan Bickel: MVP, All-Conference, All-Sectional, Naperville Sun 1st Team All-City
  • Chase Clarke: All Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic
  • Andrew Horn: All-Academic
  • Juan Carlos Hoyos: All-Conference, All-Sectional, Naperville Sun 1st Team All-City
  • Matt Klancic: All-Conference Honorable Mention, Naperville Sun 1st Team All-City
  • Derek Lang: All-Academic
  • Shane Merriman: All-Academic
  • Rob St. Clair: 1st Team All-City
  • Michael Schafer: All-Academic
  • Matthew Schild: All-Academic
  • Paul Tracy: All-Conference
  • Drew VanKampen: All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Kevin Theodore: Sportsmanship Award
  • Matthew Mores: All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Academic


Var: 9-0-1 in Conference, Champs,  19-3-2 Overall
JV: 5-4-1 in Conference, 3rd Place, 8-5-2 Overall
Soph: 7-2-1 in Conference, 3rd Place, 14-4-2 Overall
Fr: 4-4-1 in Conference, 5th Place, 5-15-1 Overall

The soccer team had another great season with a 19-3-2- record.  The team regained the Conference Championship title with a 9-0-1 record,  and won our Warrior Invitational Tournament by beating Neuqua on both occasions.  The team did a great job this year!

Coaches: Angelo DiBernardo, Craig Tomczak, Sammy Somola,
                Julie Bergstrom, Tim Credille


  • Danny Akl-All Conference, All Academic
  • Jeff Atkins,-All Academic
  • Alan Bickel-All Conference, All Academic
  • Ryan Borchardt-All Academic
  • Chay Cain-All Conference, All Academic, All Sectional, All State, MVP, All Area Beacon News
  • Chase Clark-All Academic
  • Rick Gibb-All Academic
  • Matt Klancic-All Conference Honorable Mention
  • Steve Kolzow-All Conference, All Sectional, Naperville Sun All-City
  • Christopher Schuler-All Conference, All Sectional, All State, All Midwest, Naperville Sun All-City, All Area Beacon News
  • Kevin Theodore-Sportsmanship Award
  • Paul Tracy-All Conference Honorable Mention, All Academic
  • Eric Zachwieja-All Academic


Varsity: 19-5-2 Overall, 9-1 in Conference (2nd Place), Regional Champs (17 Consecutive Years)
JV: 0-3-4 Overall, 0-2-2 in Conference
Soph: 18-1-3 Overall, 9-1 in Conference (Champs)
Frosh: 19-4 Overall, 8-1 in Confernce (Champs)

  • Bryan Abdallah: All-Conference
  • Danny Akl: All-Academic
  • Michael Behrens: All-Academic
  • Preston Bernardi: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State, MVP,
    Beacon News All-Area First Team
  • Adam Biernacki: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Juan Castro: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Chase Clark: All-Academic
  • Chay Cain:, All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Sectional, All-State, Naperville Sun All-City First Team, Beacon News All-Area First Team
  • Matthew Farrell: All-Academic
  • Rick Gibb: All-Academic
  • Jamal Gorham: All-Academic
  • Danny May: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State, Beacon News All-Area First Team
  • Chris Schuler: All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • CJ Schmid: All-Academic


Vars: 20-5-1 Overall, 9-1 in Conference (2nd Place), 
         Regional Champs (16 Years in a row)
JV: 6-2-2 Overall, 5-1-1 in Conference (2nd Place)
Soph: 17-4-2 Overall, 6-3-1 in conference (3rd Place)
Frosh: 12-8 Overall, 7-3 in Conference (3rd Place)

  • Preston Bernardi: All-Conference Honorable Mention, Sportsmanship Award
  • Adam Biernacki: All-Academic
  • Chay Cain: All-Academic, Naperville Sun All-Star
  • Juan Castro: All Conference Honorable Mention
  • Alex Diepholz: All-Conference, Naperville Sun All-Star
  • Nick DeNicolo: All-Academic, All Conference Honorable Mention
  • Steven Kolzow: All-Academic
  • Nick Maschmier: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, Naperville Sun All-Star
  • Matt Matekaitis: All-Conference
  • Danny May: All-Conference, Naperville Sun All-Star


Varsity: 18-5-4 Overall, Conference Champs (4th Year in a row),
             Regional Champs (15 Consecutive Years), Sectional Champs
JV: 6-1-1 Overall
Soph: 14-3-2 Overall
Frosh: 14-2-4 Overall

  • Individual Honors Missing


Varsity: 17-5-6 Overall, 8-0-1 in Conference (Champs), Regional Champs (14th year in a row), Sectional Champs, 3rd in State
JV: 7-3-2 Overall, 3rd in Conference
Soph: 16-2-1 Overall, 9-1 in Conference (Champs)
Frosh: 8-13-2 Overall, 3-7 in Conference (7th Place)

  • Adam Bernardi: All-Conference, All-Sectional, Beacon News All-Area First Team,
    Daily Herald All-Area
  • Derrick Clanton: All-Academic, Beacon News All-Area First Team
  • Nick DeNicolo: All-Academic
  • Alex Diepholz: All-Conference
  • Adam Macek: All-Academic
  • Dan Malloy: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State, Sportsmanship Award,
    Beacon News All-Area First Team, Daily Herald All-Area
  • Nick Maschmeier: All-Conference
  • Danny May: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Matt Schweiger: All-Academic
  • Steve Tartaglione: All-Academic
  • Zachary Tegtmeier: All-Academic


Varsity: 19-2-4 Overall, Conference Champs, Regional Champs (13 years in a row), 3rd Ranked in State
JV: 8-2-2 Overall
Soph: 9-5-4 Overall
Frosh: 8-8-3 Overall

  • Ricky Barnett: All-Conference
  • Adam Bernardi: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Denny Clanton: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State
  • Patrick Foster: All-Academic
  • Jeff Klitzke: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Al Loots: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Jeff Loots: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Dan Malloy: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Shawn Monaghan: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Matt Schweiger: All-Academic
  • Nic Wilson: All-Conference, All-Sectional


Varsity: 24-4-1 Overall, 9-0 in Conference (Champs), Regional Champs (12 Consecutive Years)
JV: 2-5 Overall
Soph: 13-3-3 Overall, 2nd in Conference
Frosh: 5-11-3 Overall

  • Ricky Barnett: All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Michael Bock: All-Academic, All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award, All-Sectional, All-Area, All-State
  • Denny Clanton: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-Area
  • Patrick Foster: All-Academic
  • Adam Hitchman: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-Area, All-State
  • Jeff Klitzke: All-Academic
  • Alan Loots: All-Academic
  • Jeff Loots: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention, All-Area
  • Dan Malloy: All-Academic
  • Jamie McBride: All-Academic
  • Brian Orr: All-Conference, All-Area
  • Andrew Pufundt: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Nicholas Wilson: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Area


Varsity: 15-5-3 Overall, 5-2 in Conference (3rd Place), Regional Champs (11 years in a row), Sectional Champs
JV: 6-4 Overall
Soph: 10-5-2 Overall
Frosh: 10-10-3 Overall

  • Mike Radford: All-Sectional, All-Conference
  • Mike Bock: All-Conference
  • Denny Clanton: All-Conference
  • Brian Daugherty: All-Conference
  • Adam Klitzke: All-Conference


Varsity: 15-5-3 Overall, 2nd in Conference, Regional Champs, (10 Straight Years)
JV: 3-3-3 Overall
Soph: 14-2-2 Overall, 8-0 in Conference, Conference Champs
Frosh: 12-7-1 Overall, 8-1 in Conference

  • Kevin Coppins: All-Academic
  • Justin English: All-Academic
  • Frank Gogliotti: All-Academic
  • Adam Klitzke: All-Academic
  • Aaron Ostergard: All-Academic
  • Michael Radford: All-Academic
  • Tyler Elbin: All-Academic
  • Luke Elbin: All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Robby Berkley: All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State
  • Adam Hitchman: All-Conference
  • Brian Daugherty: All-Conference


Varsity: 15-6-3 Overall, 6-1-1 in Conference (2nd Place),
Regional Champs (9th Consecutive Year), Sectional Champs
JV: 8-2-1 Overall
Soph: 8-9-1 Overall, 3rd in Conference
Frosh: 9-5 Overall, 2nd in Conference

  • Sean Broihier: MVP, All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Steve Delagrange: All-Academic, All-Conference, All-Sectional, All-State
  • Mike Furibondo: All-Conference, All-Sectional
  • Robby Berkley: All-Conference, All-Sectional Honorable Mention
  • Luke Elbin: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Matthew Carl: All-Academic
  • Aaron Ostergard: All-Academic
  • Adam Vining: All-Academic
  • Kevin Coppins: All-Academic


Varsity: 19-3-2 Overall, 7-1 in Conference (Champs),
Regional Champs (Eight in a row), Sectional Champs
Soph: 8-8-4 Overall
Frosh: 8-10 Overall

  • Michael Gentile: All-Sectional, All-State
  • Steve Delagrange: All-Sectional
  • Aaron Ostergard: All-Sectional
  • All-Conference Individual Honors Missing


Varsity: 14-7-1 Overall, 5-2 in Conference (3rd Place), Regional Champs (7 Consecutive Years)
JV: 8-2-1 Overall
Soph: 17-0-2 Overall, Conference Champions
Frosh: 7-4-3 Overall

  • Rob Knenlein: All-Conference
  • Chad Furbee: All-Conference
  • John Hyngstrom: All-Conference


Varsity: 11-9-2 Overall, 4th in Conference, Regional Champs (Six years in a row)
Soph: 11-5-5 Overall, Second in Conference
Frosh: 9-2-2 Overall

  • Phil Nomura: All-Conference, Daily Herald All-Area, All-Sectional, All-State
  • Brian Diepolz: All-Conference
  • Mike Gentile: All-Conference
  • Neil Hollister: All-Conference, Daily Herald All-Area


Varsity: 11-9-1 Overall, Second in Conference, Regional Champs (5 consecutive years)
Soph: 12-6-1 Overall
Frosh: 10-2-1 Overall

  • Phil Nomura: All-Conference
  • Ryan Aoki: All-Conference, MVP
  • Zak Jarrell: All-Conference
  • Allen Zielinski: All-Conference
  • Chris Fidler: All-Conference


Varsity: 13-10-2 Overall, Regional Champs (4 years in a row)
Soph: 15-3-3 Overall, 8-0-2 in Conference (Champs)
Frosh: 5-5-1 Overall

  • Dan Curtis: All-Conference
  • Jim Southwick: All-Conference, MVP
  • Phil Nomura: All-Conference
  • Mike Hess: All-Conference
  • Brian Sweeney: All-Conference
  • Chuck Cigna: All-Conference
  • Zak Jarrell: All-Conference


Varsity: 16-3-3 Overall, 8-1 in Conference, Conference Champs, Regional Champs (3rd Straight)
Soph: 12-4-2 Overall, 7-3 in Conference

  • Steve Keller: All-Conference, MVP, All-State, All-Midwest
  • Bob Vozza: All-Conference
  • Ryan Aoki: All-Conference
  • Dave Kroening: All-Conference
  • Chip Hollister: All-Conference
  • Rusty Woerman: All-Conference


Varsity: 19-3-2 Overall, Regional Champs (Back-to-Back)
Soph: 11-5-1 Overall

  • Steve Keller: All-Area, MVP, All-State
  • Ray Meijer: All-Area
  • Kevin Brown: All-Area


Varsity: 19-4-1 Overall, Regional Champs

  • Steve Keller: All-Area Second Team, MVP
  • Mark Swain: All-Area
  • Kevin Brown: All-Area
  • Ray Meijer: All-Area Second Team


Varsity: 10-11-3 Overall
Soph: 14-3-3 Overall

  • Rob Begala: All-Sectional, MVP
  • Armando Sanders: All-Sectional


Inaugural Varsity Season -- Varsity: 7-9-2 Overall
Soph: 13-2-2 Overall

  • Brett Zbkowski: MVP


Frosh/Soph Only -- 3-8 Overall


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