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Girls Golf


WVHS Girls Golf

Current Season:


Varsity Coach:
John Farnan
Amanda Willis

Team History

WVHS Girls Golf History

Individual girls played throughout the school's history.
The team first competed on the Varsity level in 1991.

Year Coach Overall Conf. Record Conf. Place Notable
2018-19John Farnan1-71-74th 
 2017-18John Farnan 6-4 6-2 4th 

 2nd at Regionals
4th at Sectionals 

John Farnan
Regional Champions
2015-16 John Farnan 4-4 4-4 4th Sectional Qualifiers
2014-15 John Farnan  8-1 5-0  Champs Regional Champions
7th in State
2013-14 John Farnan 9-2 7-2 2nd Sectional Qualifiers
2012-13 John Farnan 11-0 9-0 Champs Regional Champions
2011-12 John Farnan 11-0 9-0 Champs Regional Champions
2010-11 John Farnan 6-5 5-4 4th Regional Champions
2009-10 John Farnan 6-4 5-2 4th  
2008-09 John Farnan 5-7 2-4 5th  
2007-08 Laura Jones 6-3 5-2 Tourney Champs 
2nd Overall
 Sectional Qualifiers
2006-07 Laura Jones 11-1 5-1 Champs Regional Champions
2005-06 Laura Jones 10-2 5-1 4th Sectional Qualifiers 
2004-05 Laura Jones 9-5 5-2 4th Sectional Qualifiers 
2003-04 Laura Jones 5-13 2-5 5th  
2002-03 Laura Jones 4-11 2-5 6th  
2001-02 Mike DiTella 9-5      
2000-01 Mike DiTella 6-7   3rd  
1999-00 Mike DiTella 7-7   6th  
1998-99 Mike DiTella 10-5      
1997-98 Mike DiTella 7-5      
1996-97 Mike DiTella 13-3 3-2   9th in State
1995-96 Dick Allen 12-2     11th in State
1994-95 Dick Allen 9-4      
1993-94 Dick Allen 10-4      
1992-93 Tim Pease 2-6      
1991-92 Spike Grosshuesch 0-4      

Blank spaces in Records and Conference placement are unknown.

Individual Honors

WVHS Girls Golf
Individual Honors


1997 2001
Jen Nestel Blaire Laurent
2002 2003
Blaire Laurent Blaire Laurent
2004 2005
Stephanie Follin Emily Snyder
2006 2007
Leah Tuscano Tory Blumenshine 
Tory Blumenshine Michelle Meifert 
Brittany Puls Caitlyn Miklasz 
2008 2009
Cherise Mangal Cherise Mangal
2010 2011
Cherise Mangal Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams Bing Singhsumalee
2012 2013
Bing Singhsumalee Bing Singhsumalee -- UEC
Courtney Williams Player of the Year
Rebecca O'Bryan Rebecca O'Bryan
2014 2015
Bing Singhsumalee -- UEC Arushi Singh
Player of the Year Kerrigan Boose
Kayla McHale Kayla McHale - Special Ment.
Arushi Singh  
Kerrigan Boose - Hon. Ment.  
2014 2015
Arushi Singh
Arushi Singh
Kerrigan Boose

Aisha Iyengar  
 Emily Skowronski 

State Qualifiers

1995 1996
Meredith Bacon Meredith Bacon - 110th
Colleen Yaeger Chrissy Ducato - 90th
Jen Nestel Tracy McArdle - 39th
Megan Jorgenson Jen Nestel - 111th
Chrissy DuCato Kate Stein - 104th
Tracy McArdle Colleen Yeager-15th Place
1998 2006
Katie Girardot - 85th Tory Blumenshine - 69th
  Brittany Puls - 65th
2010 2011 
Cherise Mangal - 45th Bing Singhsumalee
4th Place
Maggie Miklasz - 96th  
2012 2013 
Bing Singhsumalee - 16th Bing Singhsumalee
2nd Place
Courtney Williams - 75th  
2014 2015 
Bing Singhsumalee
2nd Place
Arushi Singh - 22nd
Arushi Singh - 53rd  
Kayla McHale - 78th  
Kerrigan Boose - 90th  
Kendall O'Sullivan - 103rd  
Alyssa Sibley - 113th  
2016  2017
Arushi Singh - 30th

 Arushi Singh - 5th
All State

   Kerrigan Boose

Season Recaps

WVHS Girls Golf Season Recaps


Varsity: 1-7, 1-7 Overall, 4th in Conference

The team finished the regular season with a dual match record of 1-7 finishing in 4th place in conference. The team finished in 6th place at regionals. Emily Skowronski and Kate Libby advanced to play at sectionals as individuals.  The team won the Aurora City Tournament for the third consecutive year. Emily Skowronski shot a season low 2 under par 70 at conference finishing in third place as an individual.

  • Aisha Iyengar, Academic All-Conference, All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award
  • Emily Skowronski, All-Conference, MVP


Varsity: 6-2 in Conference, 6-4 Overall, 4th in DVC Conference, 2nd at Regionals, 4th at Sectionals

The team finished 4th in conference play with a 6-2 record conference record. Highlights of the season included winning the Aurora City Championship. The team finished third at the Homewood Flossmoor Invitational as well as placing 2nd at the Naperville City Invite. The team finished in 2nd place at Regionals qualifying for sectionals where the team placed 4th. Individual highlights included Arushi Singh winning medalist honors at Regionals. Arushi and Kerrigan Boose both qualified for State. Arushi finished in 5th place as an individual earning All-State Honors.  


Varsity: 5-3 Overall, 5-3 in Conference (3rd Place) Regional Champions,
             7th in Sectionals Team Picture

The team captured its 5th Regional title in the past seven seasons. The team finished 3rd in conference play with a 5-3 record. Individual highlights of the season included Arushi Singh and Kerrigan Boose finishing first and second as individuals at Regionals. Arushi finished fifth at Sectionals qualifying for State where she finished 30th.

  • Raegan Storin: Sportsmanship Award
  • Arushi Singh: MVP, All-Conference, Regional Medalist, All-Sectional, State Qualifier
  • Kerrigan Boose: All-Conference, All-Regional


Varsity: 4-4 Overall, 4-4 in Conference (4th), Aurora City Champions, 2nd at Regionals, 10th at Sectionals    Team Picture

  • Kerrigan Boose: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Kayla Mchale: All-Academic, All-Conference Honorable Mention
  • Alyssa Sibley: All-Academic
  • Arushi Singth: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, State Qualifier (22nd)
  • Lindsey Williams: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 8-1 Overall, 5-0 Conference (Conference Champions), 3rd in Regionals, 3rd in Sectionals, 7th Place in State   Team Picture

The golf team had the best season in Waubonsie Valley history. The team won the Marian Catholic Invite as well as the Naperville City Invite.  The team also set the school record for 18 holes by shooting a team total 314 at sectionals.  The Lady Warriors also ended an 18 year drought by qualifying for State where they finished 7th as a team, the highest finish for the school.  Bing Singhsumalee set the school record for a nine-hole match by shooting a 31 at Springbrook.  Bing was Conference Player of the Year for the second straight year, medalist at regionals and sectionals and finished in 2nd place at IHSA State as an individual.

  • Kerrigan Boose: All-Conference Honorable Mention, Sportsmanship Award
  • Kayla McHale: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Kendall O’Sullivan: All-Academic
  • Arushi Singh: All-Conference
  • Alyssa Sibley: All-Academic
  • Bing Singhsumalee: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, Conference Player of the Year, Regional Medalist, Sectional Medalist, 2nd Place IHSA State


Varsity: 9-2 Overall, 7-2 in Conference 7-2 (2nd Place), 2nd in Regionals, 5th in Sectionals   Team Picture

Highlights of the season included first place finishes at the Homewood Flossmoor Classic and the Vernon Hills Invite. Bing Singhsumalee set the school record for 9 holes when she shot a 32 (4 under par) at Springbrook. Bing also earned Upstate Eight Player of the Year Honors becoming the first Lady Warrior to do so. She was the Chanmpion at Sectionals and followed that up with a State Runner-up finish to cap the season.

  • Caitlin Fernandez:  All-Academic
  • Kayla McHale:  All-Academic
  • Rebecca O’Bryan:  All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Bing Singhsumalee:  All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, All-Sectional,
    Sectional Champ, All-State - Second Place
  • Alyssa Sibley: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 11-0 Overall, 9-0 in Conference (Champions), Regional Champions, 4th in Sectionals   Team Picture

The 2012 Girls Golf team completed their season undefeated for the second year in a row.  The Lady Warriors finished conference play with a 9-0 record and had an overall record of 11-0.  The Ladies were Upstate Eight Conference Champions for the second year in a row.  Highlights of the season included first place finishes at the Naperville City Invite and the Marion Catholic Invite.  The team recorded a 9-hole school record of 157 at Springbrook.  The team also set the 18-hole school record by shooting a 324 at Regionals when they won their Regional for the third year in a row.  Bing Singhsumalee set the school record for 18 holes when she shot a 64 (8 under par) at Regionals.

  • Kendall O’Sullivan: All-Academic
  • Bing Singhsumalee: MVP, All-Academic, All-Conference, Regional Champion,
    State Participant
  • Rebecca O’Bryan: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Emily Copeland: All-Academic
  • Caitlin Fernandez: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Courtney Williams: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant


Varsity: 11-0 Overall, 9-0 in Conference (Champions), Regional Champions, 
             7th in Sectionals    Team Picture
JV: 6-4 Overall, 4-4 in Conference (4th Place)

  • Emily Copeland: All-Academic
  • Rebecca Obryan: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Bing Singhsumalee: All-Conference, Regional Champion, MVP, State Participant, 
    All-State (4th in State)
  • Courtney Williams: All-Academic, All-Conference


Varsity: 6-5 Overall, 5-4 in Conference (4th Place), Regional Champions,
             6th at Sectionals    Team Picture
JV: 7-2 Overall, 5-2 in Conference (3rd Place)

  • Cherise Mangal: All-Academic, All-Conference, State Participant (45th)
  • Meghan McRoberts-Turley: All-Academic
  • Maggie Miklasz: State Participant (96th)
  • Morgan Neihardt: All-Academic
  • Courtney Williams: All-Academic, All-Conference, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 6-4 Overall, 5-2 in Conference (4th Place), Rosary Invite Champs,
             2nd in Vernon Hills Invite, 5th in Regionals   Team Picture
JV: 5-5 Overall, 4-3 in Conference (2nd Place)

Highlights as a team included winning the Rosary Invitational and a second place finish at the Vernon Hills Invite.  Individual  highlights included a fourth place finish by Jessica Buys shooting a season low of 78 at the Barrington Invite and Cherise Mangal finishing 9th at the UEC Tournament and advancing as an individual to sectionals.  On the JV team, Jane Metcalf was the First Place Medalist at the JV conference tournament.

  • Debbie Bornok: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Cherise Mangal: All-Academic, All-Conference, Sectional Qualifier, MVP
  • Meghan McRoberts: All-Academic


Varsity: 5-7 Overall, 2-4 in Conference (5th Place)    Team Picture
JV: 3-3 Overall, Upstate Eight Conference Tournament Champions, Second in Conference Overall

  • Debbie Bornok: All-Academic, Sectional Qualifier
  • Kelly DeKing: All-Academic
  • Alissa Fahrenz: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Cherise Mangal: All-Academic, MVP, All-Conference, Sectional Qualifier
  • Meghan Turley: All-Academic

The Varsity team started the season well with second place finishes at the Marion Catholic Invite and the Naperville City Invite and a 6th place finish at the Barrington Invite. The remaining portion of the season proved to be a valuable learning experience.
The varsity conference record was 2-4 and 5-7 overall, finishing 5th in the UEC and 6th in the Regional.
The JV team ended the season with a strong first place finish at the conference tournament and finished second overall with a 3-3 record.


Varsity: 6-3 overall and 5-2 in Conference--1st place in the UEC tournament--2nd Overall
Marion Catholic Invite 3rd, Barrington Invite-3rd, Naperville City Meet-1st, Lake Park Invite-2nd,
White Eagle Classic-3rd, Regional-2nd place finish, Sectional-5th place finish
JV: 6-4 Overall, 4-2 in conference (3rd place)
Naperville North Quad--1st

  • Tory Blumenshine-MVP, All Conference, Naperville Sun Honorable Mention
  • Kelly DeKing-All Academic
  • Emily Densmore- Naperville Sun Honorable Mention
  • Alissa Fahrenz-All Academic
  • Michelle Meifert-All Academic, All Conference, Sportsmanship Award, Naperville Sun Honorable Mention
  • Caitlyn Miklasz-All Conference, Naperville Sun Honorable Mention


The golf team had the best season in Waubonsie Valley history.
The girls grabbed the first Conference and Regional Championships in WV girls golf history.
They set 18-hole team records and nine-hole team records. Brittany Puls set an 18-hole record by shooting a 71 at the White Eagle Invitational, and Leah Tuscano set a 9-hole record shooting 36 at St. Andrews. Even though there were many records set, the girls golf team fell short of State taking 3rd place at the Sectionals.

Varsity: 11-1 Overall, 5-1 in Conference - Conference Champions, Regional Champions, 3rd place in the Sectional. School record on team score at sectionals. Individuals places at State-Brittany Puls--65th, Tory Blumenshine--69th. Marion Catholic Tournament - 2nd Place, Naperville Invitational - 1st Place, White Eagle Invite - 1st Place (Brittany Puls - School Record 71), Plainfield Central Invite - 1st Place, Naperville North Invite - 2nd Place, Lake Park Invite - 1st Place.
JV: 9-1 Overall, 5-0 in Conference - Conference Champions

  • Tory Blumenshine: All-Conference, Sectional Qualifier, State Qualifier
  • Alyssa Fahrenz: All-Academic
  • Michelle Meifert: All-Academic
  • Caitlyn Miklasz: All-Academic
  • Brittany Puls: All-Conference, MVP, Sectional Qualifier, State Qualifier
  • Leah Tuscano: All Academic, All Conference, Sportsmanship Award,  Sectional Qualifier


Varsity finished 10-2 overall and was 5-1 in UEC matches. They finished in 4th at the UEC meet, 2nd at Regionals, and 8th at Sectionals. The team won the White Eagle Classic, finished 2nd at the Plainfield Invite and 4th at the Marian Catholic Invite.

Junior Varsity was 8-1 overall and 5-0 in conference play. They were the JV Upstate Eight Conference Champions.

  • Emily Snyder: All-Conference, All-Academic, MVP, and named to the Naperville Sun All-Area Team-Honorable Mention.
  • Stephanie Follin: Sportsmanship Award
  • Michelle Meifert: All-Academic
  • Leah Tuscano: All-Academic


Varsity 5-2 in Conference, 9-5 Overall , 4th Place in Conference
The JV record was 8-4 Overall and 2-2 in Conference, finishing 2nd Place Conference. The girls finished second in the Regionals, two shots out of first place.

  • Stephanie Follin: All Conference
  • Kasey Sabin: All Academic
  • Emily Snyder: All Academic


Vars: 5-13 Overall, 2-5 in Conference (5th Place)
JV: 8-6 Overall, 4-2 in Conference (2nd Place)

  • Lauren Buttrey: Sportsmanship Award
  • Blaire Laurent: All-Academic, All-Conference, Sectional Qualifier, MVP
  • Emily Snyder: All-Academic


Vars: 4-11 Overall, 2-5 in Conference (6th Place)

  • Adrianne Konrad: All-Academic
  • Blaire Laurent: All-Conference
  • Jen Monaghan: MVP
  • Sarah Wood: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 9-5 Overall

  • Blaire Laurent: All-Conference


Varsity: 7-6 Overall, 4-3 in Conference (3rd Place)
JV: 9-4 Overall, 5-2 in Conference (4th Place)

  • Marcie Stein: MVP
  • Katie Wagner: Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 7-7 Overall, 6th in Conference
JV: JV: 10-3 Overall, 3rd in Conference

  • Ryan Bauer: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award


Varsity: 10-5 Overall

  • Ryan Bauer: All-Academic
  • Katie Giradot: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award, State Qualifier
  • Alison Prokopec: All-Academic


Varsity: 7-5 Overall

  • Meredith Bacon: All-Academic. All-Area
  • Katie Girardot: All-Academic
  • Jen Nestel: All-Conference, All-Area


Varsity: 13-2 Overall, 3-2 in Conference, 9th in State

  • Meredith Bacon: State Qualifier
  • Chrissy Ducato: State Qualifier
  • Tracy McArdle: State Qualifier
  • Jen Nestel:
  • Kate Stein:
  • Colleen Yeager: State Qualifier


Varsity: 12-2 Overall, 11th in State

  • Meredith Bacon: All-Academic, State Qualifier
  • Colleen Yaeger: MVP, State Qualifier
  • Jen Nestel: State Qualifier
  • Megan Jorgenson: State Qualifier
  • Chrissy DuCato: State Qualifier
  • Tracy McArdle: State Qualifier


Varsity: 9-4 Overall, Carl Sandburg Invite Champions

  • Individual Honors Missing


Varsity: 10-4 Overall

  • Liz Teutsch: MVP


Varsity: 2-6 Overall

  • Liz Teutsch: MVP


Inaugural Season -- Varsity: 0-4 Overall

  • Amy Neswold: Sectional Qualifier


One Girl on Boys team -- Amy Neswold


Senior Photo Signup Blue Ribbon Award IL Democracy School

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