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Driver Education


Waubonsie Valley's Driver Education Department offers students a comprehensive, fully-integrated program that covers a one semester period of time.  The two phases in the program consists of classroom and on-the-road instruction, phases exceed requirements established by the State of Illinois.

Before a student can enroll in driver education at Waubonsie, he/she must be 15 by the start of that semester and must have received a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two semesters (including middle school, if freshman), or have received a waiver of this requirement by the Superintendent or building Principal. Students must also meet the birth date deadlines established for each school year. These deadlines are printed on the student registration form.

Students must pass the classroom phase to meet Waubonsie Valley's graduation requirement (.5 credit hrs.), and he/she must pass both the classroom and on-the-road to qualify for an Illinois license prior to age 18. Waubonsie Valley also participates in the Cooperative Driver Testing Program with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office which allows WV's specially certified instructors to administer the State Road Test if the student receives an A or B in both phases of the program. If a student attends an outside accredited driver education agency, the student must submit proof of classroom phase completion to the guidance office.

Course DRVR2000 -- Driver Education - Grade 9-12. One semester. The Driver Education program offers both classroom and behind the wheel instruction. The District reserves the right to deny a student behind the wheel instruction if it determines that the student is not capable of completing it safely.

Students will register for driver education like any other subject and will receive credit. Students are scheduled by birth date priority. A student is not guaranteed driving during the semester he or she takes the classroom phase of Drivers Ed. Any student participating in the behind-the-wheel phase will need to provide the instructor with two checks; one payable to the Secretary of State, for the driving permit; the second check payable to School District #204 which helps to defray the expense of the driving phase, an optional service our district provides.

Classroom Experience

Driver Ed. Classroom Instruction

The State of Illinois requires at least 30 hours of instruction if the student desires to obtain his/her legal driver license before 18 years of age. Classroom instruction is required for graduation and must be taken prior to or at the same time as the Behind-the-Wheel Phase.

The classroom phase of Driver Education at Waubonsie Valley is the foundation of the program.  This phase runs simultaneously throughout the semester with behind-the-wheel.  It is designed to give students basic information on a variety of topics related to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and how to interact with people on the road.

Driving is more than just maneuvering a car through traffic.  A driver has to learn to communicate with other users on the road and make quick intelligent decisions.   This process takes training over an extended period of time under the supervision of both the instructors and parents.


  • Signs, Signals & Roadway Markings
  • Basic Car Control
  • Managing Risk with the IPDE Process
  • Natural Laws & Car Control
  • Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers
  • Negotiating Intersections
  • Sharing the Road with Others
  • Driving In Urban Traffic
  • Driving in Rural Areas
  • Driving on Expressways 
  • Driving in Adverse Conditions
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Effects of Driver Condition
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving
  • Insuring a Vehicle
  • Maintaining Your Vehicle


Behind the Wheel


This part of the program is voluntary. The State of Illinois requires this phase if students desire their licenses before they reach 18 years of age. At least six hours of driving instruction and twelve hours of observation time are required.

Behind the Wheel is designed to teach psychomotor and decision-making skills in traffic.  In this phase, we bring together what has been taught in the classroom with as much practice as possible through the expected assistance of driving coaches and parents.

The successful driving career of each student depends heavily on quality practice time at home during this semester and long after.  Studies have found that students who learn to drive over an extended period of time become safe and efficient drivers.

Parents need to be observant even after the completion of driver education, by restricting when and where their child drives and how many passengers are allowed in the car.

Waubonsie Valley created a parental involvement manual to help guide their child to learn the basics of driving.  This guidebook is a practical set of behind-the-wheel lesson plans for any parent or coach.  A copy of this manual is available from any driver education staff member.  Each parent will receive one at our Driver Education Parent Night. 


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