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Business Education



The business department offers all students the necessary skill sets needed to successfully engage in a rapidly changing work environment, regardless of the profession they may choose. Our objective is to introduce the student to the world of business and the influence that commerce and its governmental regulation plays in all of our lives. The business foundation which the students will receive will prepare them for a more advanced business curriculum in college and contribute to their personal success in life. In addition to our college preparatory curriculum, we offer one successful student organization, BPA - Business Professionals of America, to further allow students to enhance their abilities and gain experience.

  • Business Department Course Offerings and Descriptions
  • Course Selection Calculator 
    Do you know what you want to do, but don't know how to get there?  This easy tool helps you to identify the classes you should take to prepare you for the right career.  This interactive presentation will provide you with suggested WVHS business courses that will help to give you experience for the future. Feel free to explore different careers throughout the 24 different business courses.  For more information see Mrs. Heuer, Department Chair, or any business teacher.

WVHS Business Department Philosophy

The Business Education Department of Waubonsie Valley High School shares in the fundamental responsibilities of public education to assure that all students attain appropriate levels of achievement in areas vital to their continuing development. We feel that it is our responsibility to plan, implement, and update programs so students can attain a satisfactory level of achievement appropriate to either immediate employment or advanced education in preparation for later employment. Opportunities are abundant for students in the business world if their preparation is complete and if their attitudes are positive. The business teachers on our staff identify those opportunities for business students and help them to be ready to attain high goals in the future.


National Business Professionals of America SITE:

BPA (Business Professionals of America) members participate in a variety of leadership conferences and competitive events in the areas of information technology, administration support, financial services, and management resources. In addition, chapter and community activities also allow students to learn leadership and professional skills, which better prepares them for business and computer careers.


BPA meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:45 a.m. in Room 284 at the Green campus. Shuttles will be provided to the Gold campus prior to the start of school. Meetings are held at the Gold campus every Wednesday in September at 2:40 p.m. (future meeting dates/times will be announced and posted).


Membership applications are available during the September meetings. Completed applications and paid dues and fees ($50) are due on/by Wednesday, October 1, 2003. Membership dues ($25) to the local, state, and national organization and school activity fees ($25) explain the required payment.


The traditional focus of BPA members is the competitive events program. Each member studies and prepares for two contest events and competes against other BPA members from area high schools. Top qualifiers advance to the next level and compete against the best students in Illinois. Finally, the Illinois winners advance to the national level in Cincinnati, Ohio in April. Waubonsie Valley members have done well during national conferences, including a 2003 1st Place in Medical Concepts (administrative support).

Members also participate in community and chapter events. The annual Santa's Breakfast, December 13, is the biggest event of the year and is planned, organized, and operated by BPA (and DECA) members. Other chapter events include a neighborhood food drive, adopt-a-family, a retirement home visit, and a secretary's breakfast. Members also participate in social and fund raising activities as opportunities develop and are needed.


  • Local Area 13 Leadership Conference
  • State Fall Leadership Conference
  • Local Area 13 Competitive Events
  • State Leadership Conference and Competitive Events
  • National Leadership Conference and Competitive Events




Financial Services:
  • Fundamental Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Spreadsheet Applications & Analysis
  • Banking & Finance
  • Financial Analyst Team
  • Economic Research Project - Individual
  • Economic Research Project - Team
  • Financial Math & Analysis
Administrative Support:
  • Keyboarding Production
  • Fundamental Word Processing Skills
  • Advanced Word Processing Skills
  • Integrated Office Applications
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Basic Office Systems and Procedures
  • Advanced Office Systems and Procedures
  • Legal Office Procedures
  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Administrative Support Team
  • Administrative Support Research Project
  • Administrative Support Concepts
Information Technology:
  • C++ Programmer
  • Visual Basic Programmer
  • Java Software Developer
  • Software Engineering Team
  • Computer Network Technology
  • PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
  • Cisco Network Administration
  • Microsoft Network Administration
  • Novell Network Administration
  • Network Design Team
  • Database Applications
  • Web Site Development Team
  • E-Commerce Team
  • Digital Media Production
  • Information Technology Concepts
Management/Marketing/Human Resources:
  • International Business
  • Management Concepts
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Management Team
  • Computer-Aided Graphics
  • Application/Interview Skills A
  • Application/Interview Skills B
  • Verbal Communications--Extemporaneous I
  • Verbal Communications--Extemporaneous II
  • Verbal Communications--Prepared I
  • Verbal Communications--Prepared II
  • Presentation Management Team
  • Parliamentary Procedure Team
  • Business Knowledge Skills
  • Business Law
  • Parliamentary Procedure


Officer elections occur in mid-September. Officer applications need to be completed and returned before then. The following offices will be available:

  • President
    The main responsibilities of the Chapter President are: to provide leadership, motivation, assistance and energy to all of the other officers and members as they perform their responsibilities; to be the official chapter spokesperson, and to assume the responsibilities of one of the other offices.
  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer of BPA is responsible for planning, organizing, counting and recording, and reporting memberships and fundraisers.
  • Secretary
    The Secretary’s responsibilities include taking attendance at all chapter meetings, providing reports for publication and publicity, and coordinating bulletin board committees.
  • Project Coordinator
    The Project Coordinator will plan and organize all social, chapter, and volunteer activities throughout the school year.
  • Contest Coordinator
    The Contest Coordinator will inform members about contest registration and preparation needs. In addition, the coordinator will plan and organize assistance to members as needed.
  • Chapter Awards Coordinator
    The Chapter Awards Coordinator will inform and prepare members for participation in Special Recognition and Torch Awards. He/she will organize and report chapter activities for the Special Recognition Award program and organize and report individual resumes for the Torch Award.
  • Communications Coordinator
    The Communications Coordinator will update and maintain communications between advisors, officers, and members through email, website, newsletters, bulletin boards, and newspapers.


Illinois DECA Website 
National DECA 
DECA members take part in chapter, school, and community services together. Each member enjoys a wide range of activities, both social and academic. The chapter works together to provide meaningful, enjoyable opportunities to be part of an extremely dynamic organization.

In addition, members have the opportunity to participate in conferences and meetings at every level of the organization. The potential is available for members to participate in local, state, and national events. In addition to leadership conferences, members compete with other DECA members through competitive skill events. The National Leadership Conference invites the qualifiers from across the United States to compete and share their knowledge.


Individual Series Events:
  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing, ML
  • Marketing Management
  • Retail Merchandising, AL
  • Business Services Marketing
  • Retail Merchandising, ML
  • Food Marketing, AL
  • Quick Serve Restaurant Management
  • Food Marketing, ML
  • Full Service Restaurant Management
  • Vehicles & Petroleum Marketing
Management Team Decision Making Events:
  • Financial Services Management
  • Hospitality Services Management
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Management
  • Travel and Tourism Marketing Management
  • E-Commerce Management
Marketing Research Events:
  • Business and Financial Services Marketing
  • Hospitality and Recreation Marketing
  • Food Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • General Marketing
Chapter Team Events:
  • Civic Consciousness Project
  • Learn and Earn Project
  • Creative Marketing Project
  • Public Relations Project
  • Free Enterprise Event
Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events:
  • Entrepreneurship Participating (Independent or Franchise)
  • Entrepreneurship Written
  • E-Commerce Business Plan Pilot
  • International Business Plan
Marketing Representative Events:
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Technical Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
Sales Demonstration Events:
  • Softline
  • Hardline
  • Miscellaneous
Special Activities:
  • DECI Diamond Award
  • DECA Quiz Bowl
  • Advisor Academy
  • Leadership Development Academy
  • New Chapter Academy
  • State Officer Leadership
  • Development Academy
  • Voting Delegate
  • Special Permission Delegate


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