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History & Fun Facts


A Short History of Waubonsie Valley

Indian Prairie Community Unit School District #204 (a unit district K-12) was formed
in the fall of 1972. In December of 1972 a referendum was passed to build and equip a high school at a projected cost of $8.2 million. A separate issue also passed to add a swimming pool. Construction on Waubonsie Valley High School began in the spring of 1973. Tom Gibbs was hired as the first Principal. Since his tenure, Gary Elmen, Marilyn Weaver, Jim Schmid, Kristine Marchiando, and Jason Stipp have served as Principal.

In September of 1975, Waubonsie Valley opened its doors for its first school year. Two-hundred-ninety-three Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors attended the new high school. In addition, 7th and 8th graders were housed in the building (using the name Granger Junior High) until Hill Junior High (now Hill Middle School) opened in the Fall of 1981. Construction delays prevented students from using the gym until May of 1976 and the pool until October of 1976.

The school was designed as an "open" campus, with very few walls to separate classes. This quickly gave way to temporary room dividers and eventually, more permanent walls. Major construction projects over the years added three classroom wings, a field house and an auditorium, leaving few clues as to the original design of the building.

In 1997, WVHS was bursting at the seams with over 3,700 students. Neuqua Valley opened but the growth continued. In 2003, the Gold Campus opened across the street from the Green Campus. "Gold" housed our Freshmen students while Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors attended classes at "Green." In 2009, the third high school in District 204, Metea Valley opened. As a result, WVHS once again hosts all four classes and has initiated a "house" concept to support students.

Homecoming/Prom History

WVHS History - Homecoming and Prom

2016 2017
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Moroccan Nights Theme:  Starry Night
Queen: Grace Palmeri Queen: Grace Palmeri
King: Zach Hickey King: Tavarus Smith
2015 2016
Homecoming Prom
Theme: A New York Minute  Theme: Happily Ever After
Queen: Sophie Cornwell  Queen: Mariah Mayo 
King: Mitch Hammond King: Jaron Spearman 
2014 2015
Homecoming Prom
Theme: An Enchanted Night  Theme: Enchantment Under the Sea
Queen: Maryallison Mahacek  Queen: Maryallison Mahacek
King: Jack McCammon  King: Chris Fenley 
2013 2014
Homecoming Prom
Theme: A Grecian Getaway  Theme: A Night with the Stars
Queen: Emily Palmeri  Queen: Rachel Weisman
King: Sean Pearce  King: Anthony Napolitano
2012 2013
Homecoming Prom
Theme: 1920's: A Vintage Occasion  Theme: It's Time
Queen: Emily Navoy Queen: Maddie Zehnal   
King: Kyle Neese King: Jake Bennema  
2011 2012
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Masquerade Ball   Theme: Somebody to Love
Queen: Rachel Huff Queen: Jessica Lokshin  
King: Thomas Campbell King: Tony Dilg 
2010 2011
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Escape to Paradise   Theme: Enchanted
Queen: Melissa Beckman Queen: Hayley O'Connell 
King: Brian Deal  King: Brian Strum 
2009 2010
Homecoming Prom
Theme: A Night On the Nile  Theme: Forever Young
Queen: Melanie Arce Queen: Vanessa Renz
King: James McCarter King: Moyinoluwa Adewole 
2008 2009
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Chillin' in the Arctic  Theme: I'm Yours
Queen: Michelle Borchert Queen: Jennifer Hotwagner
King: Ryan Feeney King: Mark Hilgers
2007 2008
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Welcome to the Jungle  Theme: Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Queen: Stephanie Demos Queen: Katrina Boryc
King: Kyle Obendorf King: Jeremiah Myers
2006 2007
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Under the Sea  Theme: Here's To the Night
Queen: Kelsey Armbruster Queen: Stephanie Strum
King: Andrew Wu King: Ben Tromblay
2005 2006
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Paris at Night Theme: Forever Young
Queen: Cory DeKing Queen: Cory DeKing
King: Joshua Myers King: Lucas Castillo
2004 2005
Homecoming Prom
Theme: A Haunted Homecoming Theme: Time of My Life
Queen: Lucy Tiffin Queen: Ashley Barr
King: Paul Blalock King: Tim Barnett
2003 2004
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Fiesta Theme: Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
Queen: Anne Stephens Queen: Christine Roberts
King: Austin Smith King: Adam Biernacki
2002 2003
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Hollywood Theme: Heaven
Queen: Sarah Matzdorf Queen: Joanna DiNatale
King: Patrick Sweeney King: Kevin Ellis
2001 2002
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Toyland Theme: Take My Breath Away
Queen: Kristin Seubold Queen: Chelsea Troutman
King: J.D. Ostergaard King: David Roh
2000 2001
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Once Upon A Time Theme: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Queen: Shannon Williams Queen: Jessica Proctor
King: Rob Tiffin King: Bobby Francis
1999 2000
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Celebrate Theme: Wonderful Tonight
Queen: Natalie Cecola Queen: Rheta Alexander
King: Ian Slarsky King: Bob Callahan
1998 1999
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Under the Boardwalk Theme: Oh, What A Night
Queen: Lisa Wakley Queen: Jenny Hennegan
King: Andy Marin King: Ricky Barnett
1997 1998
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Treasure Island Theme: Time of Their Lives
Queen: Elizabeth Sherman Queen: Bria Day
King: Ira Stewart King: Jim Marsh
1996 1997
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Fiesta Theme: This Magic Moment
Queen: Megan Cannan Queen: Stephanie Finks
King: Jonathan Sherman King: Jason Powell
1995 1996
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Saturday Night Fever Theme: These Are the Days
Queen: Charis Beckom Queen: Tara Steinhilper
King: Jeffery Winiarski King: Aaron Ostergaard
1994 1995
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Jungle Safari Theme: Hold On to the Night
Queen: Michelle Wiseman Queen: Renay DeNicolo
King: Tyrone Gooch King: Michael Furibondo
1993 1994
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Hollywood Theme: Just Like Heaven
Queen: Kristin Guarneri Queen: Karen Elmer
King: Ryan Frieders King: John Hyngstrom
1992 1993
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Medieval Times Theme: Once Upon A Dream
Queen: Jennifer Hartmann Queen: Ali Donovan
King: Kirk Williams King: Kelly Green
1991 1992
Homecoming Prom
Theme: We've Got Tonight Theme: Wonderful Tonight
Queen: Deana Guarneri Queen: Jenine Davis
King: Tim Williams King: Erik Sachs
1990 1991
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Paradise Theme: In My Dreams
Queen: Kristin Cosgrove Queen: Laura Larsen
King: Jason Wojtal King: Tim Williams
1989 1990
Homecoming Prom
Theme: We Are the Champions Theme: A Night In the City
Queen: Rebecca Wiseman Queen: Margot Wahlke
King: Shaun Yokas King: Tracy Taylor
1988 1989
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Nostalgia '88:
Let the Good Times Roll
Theme: You & Me Together In Time
Queen: Patti White Queen: Jolie DiMonte
King: Kevin Brown King: Keith Hougas
1987 1988
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Warrior Express
Around the World
Theme: Hold On To the Night
Queen: Lynndee Maloy Queen: Stephanie Segal
King: Mike Rodriguez King: Jeff Stufflebeam
1986 1987
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Enchantment Under the Sea Theme: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Queen: Amy Gonzales Queen: Tanya Hill
King: Jason Whitehead King: Paul Schultz
1985 1986
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Waubonsie Takes A Holiday Theme: Heaven
Queen: Cindy Curry Queen: Gail Schremp
King: Jerry Brown King: Armando Sanders
1984 1985
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Close Encounters
of the Best Kind
Theme: You're the Inspiration
Queen: Karen Benic Queen: Cindy Curry
King: Steve Ruzzier King: Brian Halfacre
1983 1984
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Oz Theme: Wonderful Tonight
Queen: Shelly Bedwell Queen: Cindy Smith
King: Doug Goeckel King: Jim Meyers
1982 1983
Homecoming Prom
Theme: WVHS Goes Hawaiian Theme: Love Me Tomorrow
Queen: Kelly Zbikowski Queen: Mary Stanek
King: Paul Konrad King: Rob Fleming
1981 1982
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Reelin' In the Years Theme: Open Arms
Queen: Rose Barth Queen: Lisa Cumiskey
King: Jay Bauder King: Ken Krienitz
1980 1981
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Under the Big Top Theme: The Best of Times
Queen: Jenny Feeley Queen: Julie Voigts
King: Derke Price King: Mike Kennedy
1979 1980
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Live, From Waubonsie,
It's Homecoming '79
Theme: Here With You
Queen: Cindy Pope Queen: Lisa D'Amico
King: Bob Wilson King: Dave Lindquist
1978 1979
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Follow the Stars Theme: Always & Forever
Queen: Robin Mack Queen: Theresa Clark
King: Bill Hartman King: Bo Wagner
1977 1978
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Western "Hoe-Down" Theme: Precious
Queen: Joy Feeley Queen: Kathy Novak
King: Michael Kaczmarek King: Rhett Meal
1976 1977
Homecoming Prom
Theme: Music of the Goodman Band Theme: Photographs & Memories
Queen: Sandy Gatz Queen: Dawn Frauenfelder
King: Mark Hansen King: Mark Hansen
1975 1976
School Opens--No Homecoming Prom
  Theme: We've Only Just Begun
(Tickets Were $7.00)
  Queen: Kim Clark
  King: Bill Vivian

Homecoming Float Winners

WVHS Homecoming Competition Winners


Class Decorations

Club Decorations

2014-now No Competitions Held No Competitions Held
2013 Sr-Class of 2014 Cheerleaders
2012 Sr-Class of 2013 Art Club
2011 Sr-Class of 2012 Cheerleaders
2010 Jr-Class of 2012 Cheerleaders


Class Float

Club Float

 Banner/Spirit Board

2009 Sr-Class of 2010 Skills USA FCCLA
2008 Sr-Class of 2009 Drama Club FCCLA
2007 Jr-Class of 2009 Drama Club FCCLA
2006 Jr-Class of 2008 Skills USA French Club
2005 Jr-Class of 2007 Drama Club FCCLA
2004 Sr-Class of 2005 Skills USA French Club
2003 Sr-Class of 2004 Drama Club E-Force
2002 So-Class of 2005 VICA DECA
2001 Sr-Class of 2002 Drama Club FCCLA
2000 Jr-Class of 2002 Drama Club BPA
1999 Sr-Class of 2000 VICA Spanish Club
1998 Sr-Class of 1999 VICA BPA
No Awards
In Memory of
Jenni Anderson
In Memory of
Allison Matzdorf
In Memory of
Jennifer Roberts
1996 Sr-Class of 1997 Drama Club French Club
1995 Sr-Class of 1996 Drama Club Multi-Cultural Club
1994 Jr-Class of 1996 BPA French Club
1993 Sr-Class of 1994 BPA Pep Club
1992 Fr-Class of 1996 BPA French Club
1991 Jr-Class of 1993 VICA Pep Club
1990 Sr-Class of 1991 VICA --
1989 Jr-Class of 1991 VICA --
1988 Fr-Class of 1992 VICA-Auto Shop --
1987 Fr-Class of 1991 Drama Club --
1986 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1985 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1984 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1983 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1982 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1981 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1980 Jr-Class of 1982 Wins "Best Decorating"
1979 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
1978 Sr-Class of 1979 Wins "Best Decorating"
1977 So-Class of 1980 Wins "Best Decorating"
1976 Sr-Class of 1977 Wins "Best Decorating"

Plays & Musicals

WVHS Mainstage Productions 
Year Plays Musicals
2016-17 You Were Born On A Rotten Day
Momma's Little Angels
Legally Blonde 
2015-16 A New Life
I Hate Hamlet
2014-15 320 College Avenue
The Diary of Anne Frank
2013-14 Radium Girls
You Didn't Say It Was Haunted
In the Heights
2012-13 Get Bill Shakespeare Off the Stage!
Midsummer Jersey
2011-12 Get Smart
Sense and Sensibility
The Music Man
2010-11 Flowers for Algernon
Macbeth Did It
BIG! The Musical 
2009-10 The Nit Wits
Anne of Green Gables
Les Miserables
2008-09 The Crucible
Life of the Party
West Side Story
2007-08 The Odd Couple
Musical Comedy Murders
of the 1940's

The Secret Garden
2006-07 The Death of Julius Caesar
The Elephant Man
Thoroughly Modern Millie
2005-06 Stage Door
All My Sons
Annie Get Your Gun
2004-05 The Heidi Chronicles
Captain Fantastic
Fiddler On the Roof
2003-04 Cheaper By the Dozen
Once in a Lifetime
2002-03 The Hobbit
42nd Street
2001-02 Robin Hood
The Miser
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
2000-01 Arsenic and Old Lace
Auntie Mame
Guys & Dolls
1999-00 Our Town
1998-99 Letters to Lucerne
Little Shop of Horrors
Crazy for You
1997-98 The Mouse That Roared
A Mid Summer Night's Dream
The Music Man
1996-97 You Can't Take It With You
The Miracle Worker
Fiddler on the Roof
1995-96 Stuart Little
The Skin of Our Teeth
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Fantasticks
1994-95 Whose Life Is It Anyway?
The Curious Savage
The Secret Garden
1993-94 Up the Down Staircase
Count Dracula
South Pacific
1992-93 Rumors
David and Lisa
West Side Story
1991-92 The Saloon Keeper's Daughter
The Nerd
1990-91 Scapino 42nd Street
1989-90 Arsenic and Old Lace Anything Goes
1988-89 Bullshot Crummond
Lion in Winter
1987-88 Auntie Mame
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Sound of Music
1986-87 Our Town Grease
1985-86 The Man Who Came to Dinner Hello Dolly
1984-85 1984 Once Upon A Mattress
1983-84 The Real Inspector Hound Working
1982-83 The Curious Savage Fiddler On the Roof
1981-82 The Odd Couple How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
1980-81 The Matchmaker Brigadoon
1979-80 You Can't Take It With You Oklahoma!
1978-79 Arsenic and Old Lace Godspell
1977-78 Up the Down Staircase Li'l Abner
1976-77 Love Rides the Rails You're A Good Man,
Charlie Brown
1975-76 None A Collage of Scenes from Oklahoma! &
The Sound of Music


                               WVHS Valedictorians   
                            Class Rankings were discontinued in 2012
2011--Laura Burns, Aparna Srinath, Anagha Sundararajan
2010--Shenil Dodhia

2009--Andrew Huh

2008--Heather Zhuang
2007--Joshua James, Austin Nicholas
2006--Zachary Buckley, Hariharan Iyer
2005--Daniel Brinkman, Terrance Lee
2004--Daniel Francis
2003--Praveen Bommannavar, Wilson Yum
2002--Jacob Choi
2001--Patrick Hayes, James Lottes
2000--Thomas Latoza
1999--Willian Shields
1998--Christine Janowiak, Ankit Mahadevia
1997--Jonathan Sherman
1996--Sean Broihier, Karen Han, Matthew Sirovatka
1995--Sriranjani Namperumal, Elizabeth Teutsch
1994--Julie Apgar, Alex Kruszewski
1993--Dana Anthony, Jennifer Anthony, Chadd Kobielush, 
             Emily Mensone
1992--Kathryn Sirovatka
1991--Kristin Cosgrove
1990--Murtaza Sitabkhan
1989--Bethann Kreiling, Don Jackson
1988--Joe Fiedor
1987--Kevin Broihier, Blaine Hyde, Christine Schumann
1986--Rob Southwick
1985--Elyse Myers, Bryan Schneider, Tyler Bruns
1984--Diane Frieders
1983--Laurie Southwick
1982--Joe Auer
1981--Joel Carpenter
1980--Kurt Warkenthien
1979--Chris Bruck
1978--Mary Ekstrom
1977--Shaun Sheridan  

Departmental Senior Awards

WVHS Outstanding Seniors -- Departmental Awards

Art--Maria Campbell
Business--Patrick Ossler
English--Catherine Vitro
FACS--Megan Mercado
Fine Arts--Kelley Powell
Math--Brian Kalathiveetil
PE--Dana Dwyer
Science--Rajath Salegame
Social Studies--Sarah Wheeler
Student Services--Remington Rook
TEE--Elvin Garayev
World Languages--Tanner Elenbaas

Art--Katherine Williams
Business--Phoebe Hoang
English--Julia Ehlert
ELL--Carlos Vargas Guzman
FACS--Nancy Hernandez
Fine Arts--Andrew Reed
Math--Daniel Cordero
PE--Ryan McDonough
Science--William Cohen
Social Studies--Andrew Reed
Student Services--Ryan Steinberger
TEE--Reilly Devine
World Languages--Lydia Sanchez

Art--Sophie Morse
Business--Ryan Jones
English--Maryallison Mahacek
ELL--Leidy Paola Barrera
FACS--Skyler McDaniel
Fine Arts--Jonathan McCammon
Math--Calvin Chu
PE--Sarah Anderson
Science--Julianna Dantzer
Social Studies--Ayla Ahmed
Student Services--Nawful Kulam
TEE--Nicolet Chovancak
World Languages--Krishna Appalaneni

Art--Caroline Rubach
Business--Madison Mullinax
English--Catalina Bode
ELL--Anghela Vargas Guzman
FACS--Erin Cichon
Fine Arts--Hannah Truckenbrod
Math--Matthew Liu
PE--Alyssa Post
Science--Matthew Liu
Social Studies--Alyson Brinkman
Student Services--Zinyra Ross
TEE--James Timberlake
World Languages--Kushal Herur

Art--Kayla Scott
Business--Kyle Neese
English--Brian Franklin
ELL--Rozelle Magpugay
FACS--Katie Drone
Fine Arts--Emma Burck
Math--Alex Tazic
PE--Jeff Markham
Science--Kyle Wong
Social Studies--Muhammed Alikhan
Student Services--Nicole Minassian
TEE--Sean Sarkauskas
World Languages--Autumn Douglas

Art--James Murphy
Business--Michael Hummel
English--Tyler Strohl
ELL--Carolina Rojas-Chaidez
FACS--Jennifer Brauer
Fine Arts--Joshua Blue
Math--Pratik Prakash
PE--Tommy Campbell
Science--Vikram Gurusamy
Social Studies--Jibran Ahmed
Student Services--Deniz Ak
TEE--Culin Thompson
World Languages--Jibran Ahmed

Art--Kimberly Schmutzler
Business--Lauren Hummel
English--Lukas Hall
ELL--Khoa Nguyen
FACS--Ariel Colin
Fine Arts--Brittany Karlson
Foreign Language--Natali Bode
Math--Sheryl Wang
PE--Jakobi Johnson
Science--Scott Kottkamp
Social Studies--Anagha Sundararajan
Student Services--Eric Thomas
TEE--Ryan Klupar

Art--Alexandra Burg
Business--Shwetha Suresh
English--Joseph Robinson III
ELL--Yue Yu
FACS--Katie Neel
Fine Arts--Parker Nelson
Foreign Language--Armeeta Thakore
Math--Kyle Thomas
PE--Allison Fox
Science--Patrick Styer
Social Studies--Colin Sylvester
Student Services--Danielle Christy
TEE--Kevin Dubbins

Art--Hailey Snow
Applied Tech--Michael Kring
Business--Andrew Hummel
English--Malini Kartha
ELL--Laura Torres
Foreign Language--Lynn Reinacher
FACS--Kesja Hebda
Fine Arts--Patrick Hockberger
Math--Amelia Haj
PE--Jennifer Hotwagner
Science--Edith Wong
Social Studies--Apexa Mamtora
Student Services--Samantha Sacks

Art--Michael Hosticka
Applied Tech--Michael Degner
Business--Samantha Siwa
English--Brian Bajzek
ELL--Flavia Crisppi
Foreign Language--Sahil Pandya
Facs--Melissa Roth
Math--Heather Sweeney
Music--Kiran Kumararaj
Pe--Stephanie Demos
Science--Joseph Kubal
Social Studies--Jeremy Shepherd
Student Services--Thomas Piha, Jr.
Art--Allison Mcginniss
Applied Tech--Benjamin Barngrover
Business--Jessica Welburn
English--Kelsey Armbruster
Foreign Language--Tony Greif
Facs--Kate Duncan
Math--David Thompson
Music--Leslie Smith
Pe--Joshua James
Science--Scott Funk
Social Studies--Alexander Popp
Student Services--Brandon Jameson

Art--Kavita Sood
Applied Tech--Stephen "Nate" Thompson
Business--Patrick Teyro
English--Catherine Mcgath
Foreign Language--Kavita Sood
Facs--Vanessa Delaney
Math--Grant Gucinsky
Music--Clarissa Glassett
Pe--Ashley Abboushi
Science--Grant Gucinski
Social Studies--Catherine Mcgath
Student Services--Taylor Mccabe

Art--Aidan Fitzpatrick
Applied Tech--James Ahern
Business--Denise Rosario
English--Katherine Shtefan
Foreign Language--Peter Salawa
Facs--Joshua Piha
Math--Daniel Brinkman
Music--Thomas Shuman
Pe--Ashlee Barr
Science--Terrance Lee
Social Studies--Katherine Shtefan
Student Services--Jessica Randall

Art--James Cackovic
Applied Tech--Justin Tobin
Business--Ian Lopez
English--Jesse Loosbrock
Foreign Language--Rachel Sehgal
Facs--Tracy Mulder
Math--Daniel Francis
Music--Jill Eaton
Pe--David Bentz
Science--Kendra Yum
Social Studies--Kendra Yum
Student Services--Matthew Mueller

Art--Allyce Swanson
Applied Tech--Jason Speerly
Business--Shavon Thurmond
English--Christopher Ecton
Foreign Language--Irene Polnyi
Facs--Zainab Azeem
Math--Christina Skelley
Music--Michelle Kritselis
Pe--Katherine Williams
Science--Michael King
Social Studies--Christina Skelley
Student Services--Ashley Hartman

Art--Candaice Pisiotto
Applied Tech--Wesley Strait, Ii
Business--Lynn Nguyen
English--Sara Reynolds
Foreign Language--Sara Reynolds
Facs--Hannah Wortman
Math--Timothy Harrington-Taber
Music--Sean Pankuch
Pe--Eric Knowlton
Science--Timothy Harrington-Taber
Social Studies--Abigail Miller
Student Services--Matthew Ouska

Art--Craig Wojtak
Applied Tech--Joseph Wempe
Business--Hoyt Ellspermann
English--Jessica Ramos
Foreign Language--James Lottes
Facs--Natalie White
Math--James Lottes
Music--Patrick Hayes
Pe--Deborah Carrigan
Science--James Lottes
Social Studies--Teresa Sullivan
Student Services--Deanna Kulakowski

Art--Karl Tagle
Applied Tech--Bill Flannagan
Business--George Burns
English--Daniel Mclean
Foreign Language--Matthew Guerrero
Facs--Katrina Deady
Math--David Glassett
Music--Brent Hegwood
Pe--Lisa Franks
Science--Thomas Latoza
Social Studies--Brian Dennert
Student Services--Christine Peluse

Art--Amy Constanzo
Applied Tech--Austin Gieser
Business--Matthew Flaherty
English--Greg Londe
Foreign Language--Julie Wirkus
Facs--Melissa Ambrose
Math--Richard Astudillo
Music--Tammy Wilson
Pe--Tara Chambers
Science--Anthony Haid
Social Studies--Evan Bacalao
Student Services--Andrew Swim

Art--Vivian Soong
Applied Tech--Michael Scheve
Business--Devin Cignar
English--Brian Bielawski
Foreign Language--Makenzie Brekke
Facs--April Finke
Math--Ankit Mahadevia
Music--Adam Fry
Pe--Ryan Black
Science--Christina Wowchuk
Social Studies--Elizabeth Sherman
Student Services--Noah Garrington

Art--Jacquelyn Lietz
Applied Tech--Daniel Drendel
Business--Brian Conrey
English--Matthew Smart
Foreign Language--Thomas Esch
Facs--Lindsay Hall
Math--Kiran Takkaraju
Music--Michael Aquaviva
Pe--Jill Merrifield
Science--Melissa Dugan
Social Studies--Hannah Lungren
Student Services--Roberto Rizo

Art--Jay Lambert
Applied Tech--Michael Faulhaber
Business--Melissa Charlson
English--Joshua Gulich
Foreign Language--Michael O'dell
Facs--Jaime Hentschel
Math--Kelly Tung
Music--Grant Moffett
Pe--Mark Willis
Science--Chris Dillon
Social Studies--Chris Czaplak
Student Services--Michael Barrera

Art--Lindsay Starbuck
Applied Tech--Elliot Scheve
Business--Sara Woodward
English--Lindsay Starbuck
Foreign Language--Molly Whalen
Facs--Danielle Daehnke
Math--Elizabeth Teutsch
Music--Marie Svejda
Pe--Eric Hoskins
Science--Clifford Rockwell
Social Studies--John Hyngstrom
Student Services--Stephen Balderas

Art--Cathy Change
Applied Tech--Timothy Baker
Business--Kristin Hagar
English--Jeffrey Ferrara
Foreign Language--Kyle Michaels
Facs--Jenny Findley
Math--Randall Lehner
Music--Craig Denny
Pe--Stephen Gross
Science--Randall Lehner
Social Studies--Alison Donovan
Student Services--Kevin Haring

Art--Melinda Guerin
Applied Tech--Emily Mensone
Business--Traci Podwika
English--Jennifer Burke
Foreign Language--Emily Mensone
Facs--Michelle Kolpa
Math--Anthony Shou
Music--Tyler Pennock
Pe--Kathleen Conneen
Science--Theron Hitchman
Social Studies--Neha Sampat
Student Services--Leon Clark

Art--Justin Hunter
Applied Tech--Jamieson Olsen
Business--Charity Mckinsey
English--Laura Heunan
Foreign Language--Christine Barza
Facs--Heather Tomich
Math--Chris Fiedler
Music--Megan Hazelton
Pe--Timothy Williams
Science--Andy Fry
Social Studies--Kimberly Jankoski
Student Services--Sheila Perkins

Art--Mike Reedy
Applied Tech--Brian Horwath
Business--James Southwick
English--Kristen Cosgrove
Foreign Language--Christopher Frantisak
Facs-- Dawn Scolaro
Math--Josh Yount
Music--Scott Svejda
Pe--Kristen Hungness
Science--Mike Staffeldt
Social Studies--Kristen Cosgrove
Student Services--Pam Keeler

Art--Richard Jackson
Applied Tech--Eric Brown
Business--Tammy Hudson
English--Richard Wion
Foreign Language--Vasavasri Dronamraju
Facs--Nikki Butosov
Math--Bryan Dwyer
Music--Emily Sykora
Pe--Mark Dwyer
Science--J. Scott Hoffmann
Social Studies--Cari Broderson
Student Services--James Rylander

Art--Jason Pankoke
Applied Tech--Jeff Renn
Business--Kelly Hager
English--Jason Pankoke
Foreign Language--Christy Aoki
Facs--Lynn Chapman
Math--Bethann Kreiling
Music--Aaron Frantisak
Pe--Jason Hunter
Science--Eric Hungness
Social Studies--Melissa Conley
Student Services--Michelle Hott

Art--Christina Boyd
Applied Tech--Mark Jarnigan
Business--Vicki Boehm
English--Danyel Schmitz
Foreign Language--Betty Dellis
Facs--Kimberly Schaible
Math--Joseph Fiedor
Music--Chad Allen
Pe--Michael Autry
Science--Joseph Fiedor
Social Studies--Paul Schultz
Student Services--Jamie Burke

Information Prior To 1988 Is Limited

Business--Robin Stephani

Business--Pamela Reeves & Phillip Grippo, Jr.

Business--George Simon

Business--Lisa Stephani

Business--Lisa Kragh

Business--Dawn Southwick

Business--Derke Price

Business--Elaine Brzeczek & Roberta Welsh

Business--Scott See

Art--Jed Richardson
Business--Susan Frieders
Home Economics--Cindy Carrara
Foreign Language--Taryn Knispel
Social Studies--Dawn Frauenfelder
Math--Kathy Savoie
Science--Curtis Patterson

Business--Pamela Hacker
Home Economics--Victoria Dubai
Foreign Language--Chris Susemiehl
Math--John Nicol
English--Carol Schmidt
Science--Dale Hastert
Social Studies--Mary Ekstrom & Tim Jordon

Business--Debbie Gavras (Jr. Award)


Distinguished Alumni

WVHS Distinguished Alumni

WVHS has been a source of strength and pride for our community since 1975.
The Distinguished Alumni Award was created as a permanent way of recognizing and continuing the rich history of our school. This award honors and celebrates the achievements of our alumni who have walked the halls of Waubonsie Valley and continue to make outstanding contributions to their communities and our society.

2017 Inductee:

Debbie (Barlow) West~ Class of 1982

A graduate of the Class of 1982, Debbie West is our 2017 inductee as a Distinguished Alumna at Waubonsie Valley High School. While at WVHS, Debbie played basketball and was the co-captain of track and cross country. She served on the student council for several years and was Vice President of her senior class. She also was a member of the National Honor Society and gave a closing speech at the senior commencement.

After high school, Debbie continued her education at Arizona State University and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Business. She is married to Dr. William West, a Technologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Their son, Matthew, graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from California Polytechnic University; and their daughter, Claire, graduated with a degree in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara. Debbie has held many positions within IT while being active in her community and leading women’s development. While working and raising children, Debbie and William took turns being home with their children and volunteering at school. She was also very active in Girl Scouts for nine years including helping the girls learn how to develop and execute plans for their Gold Award projects. Throughout her career, she has promoted the advancement of women.

Debbie is now an executive at Toyota Motor North America. She created a metrics program at Toyota that was highlighted in the nationally-distributed CIO Magazine. Now she directs teams and helps build processes to ensure success of multi-million dollar programs for Toyota. Further, Debbie was a founding team member of the Toyota Motor Sales women’s business partnering group (TORQUE) in 2006 and helped it grow to more than 750 members today. The vision of TORQUE is that Toyota women are recognized at all levels of leadership as key contributors to Toyota’s success. As the leader of TORQUE, Debbie also co-founded Toyota North America Women’s Conference (NAWC) in 2011 with 70 attendees. The NAWC now has more than 250 attendees with a goal of building relationships among Toyota women while gathering insights from joint thinking. Most recently, Debbie spent two years in Japan developing the Global IT Strategy for Toyota, requiring travel and interaction with CIOs from around the world. While in Japan, Debbie extended the Innovation Fair she co-founded at Toyota Motor Sales in 2007 to the first Global Toyota Innovation Fair in Japan. She was invited to present a seminar at Nagoya University and to mentor a group of graduate and post-doctoral students.

Debbie’s key message is “Do what you love and be the change you want to see in the world.” Through Debbie’s accomplishments, you can see she lives this message and has helped change the world around her.

2016 Inductee:

Martin Schaefer ~ Class of 1987

A graduate of the class of 1987, Martin Schaefer is our 2016 inductee as a Distinguished Alumni at Waubonsie Valley High School. Martin’s allegiance to the armed forces, devotion, dedication and perseverance as an active community leader and outstanding humanitarian make him a one of a kind person.

After high school, Martin attended Suomi College in Hancock, Michigan. He entered the Army in 1990 and was stationed in Hawaii and then in Georgia. After leaving the active Army in 1996, he remained as a Reservist as a Military Police Soldier. While in the Army and Army Reserves, he traveled to Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya, Kuwait and Qatar for training and humanitarian missions. Additionally, he answered our nation’s call deploying twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan.

Martin joined North East Multi-Regional Training (NEMRT) as the Basic Training Program Manager in 2002. He now serves as a Training Coordinator, facilitating the delivery of over 250,000 man hours of certified law enforcement training annually. He strives to ensure that area police officers receive the highest level training to enhance the safety, service and community relations in their communities.

Martin is active in the community. He has been involved as a Girl Scout leader and is an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor. He also volunteers with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, DuPage County VETCENTER, Homeless Veteran Stand Downs, and he is the Commander of the Darien Memorial Post 2838 VFW. Martin is active with his homeowner’s association, his church mission trips and service projects as well as the WVHS Choir Parent’s Association and the WHVS Dance team.

Martin attributes success in all facets of his life to his wife, Donna who has sacrificed and supported him throughout all of his endeavors. He is also the proud parent of Maria – WVHS Class of 2016, and Morgan – WVHS Class of 2018.

2015 Inductee:

Michael King, M.D. ~ Class of 2003

Michael’s spirited quest for knowledge, determination to excel, and passion for assisting others in all that he pursues have allowed him to forge a path in the medical field that is truly one of a kind.

During his senior year at Waubonsie Valley High School, Michael received the Science Departmental award due to his distinguished work ethic and his desire to serve others. He also realized that involvement in variety of experiences enhanced his academic drive.  He was involved in many activities and clubs including jazz ensemble, student council, scholastic bowl, and pit orchestra.  His exemplary skills as a guitarist afforded him with the opportunity to be the recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.  This pursuit for excellence opened many doors for his future.

After his graduation in 2003, Michael continued his studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  While attending the U of I, Michael earned distinctions including Phi Beta Kappa and Bronze Tablet honors, which led him to the medical school at University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine.  As a medical student, Michael’s continued academic prowess allowed him to graduate in the top 25% of his class and he was awarded the Dean’s Promise Scholarship.

Upon his graduation from medical school, Michael completed an internship at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.  He is currently an anesthesiology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School.
Michael stays active in research and has authored over 20 papers, book chapters, and abstracts. Amongst his busy schedule, true to his visible passion, he volunteers his time and talents on many mission’s trips around the world, from Peru to the Philippines, in his tireless efforts of positively impacting the world.

2014 Inductee:

Elizabeth (Sherman) Krotser ~ Class of 1998

While at WVHS, Elizabeth served on the Student Council for four years, acting as the chair for the Community Service committee for two years and as the Student Council President her senior year. Elizabeth also took a part in National Honor Society REACH (a drug prevention outreach group), and started a “Respect Week,” dedicated to respecting diversity within the school. Soccer was a passion of Elizabeth’s, playing all four years and serving as the team captain her senior year.
After high school, Elizabeth continued her education at the University of Wisconsin graduating with Bachelors of Social Work and went on to get her Masters from the Jane Addams School of Social Work at the University of Illinois-Chicago. During her studies at UW, Elizabeth spent a semester studying Spanish at La Catolica in Quito, Ecuador.

Elizabeth started her career in Cicero, Illinois, where she served as the bilingual social worker for a school of 1,400 early elementary students. In the eight years she spent in Cicero, Elizabeth taught social skills, parenting classes, managed school crises, facilitated special education and school improvement teams, and served as the chair for parent involvement on the Town’s Youth Gang Task Force. She formed the first Parent Participation Committee in the school district which grew to 160 members during her tenure.

Elizabeth went on to work as a school social worker in Skokie, Illinois. She currently works in the Crystal Lake School District where she is the social worker and behavioral specialist for the self-contained autism program. She teaches social and emotional regulation skills to students and parents and serves as a liaison to parents of children with special needs.

Elizabeth resides in West Dundee, Illinois, with her husband and three children. She continues to be passionate about connecting families with their children’s education and social-emotional development.

2013 Inductee:

Curt Bradshaw ~ Class of 1990

During his years as a student at Waubonsie Valley, Curt was a member of the Cross Country and Track teams. 

After high school, Curt continued his education at the University of Illinois earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics. At the University of Illinois, Curt was a member of Mortar Board and served as President of both the Agribusiness Association and Sigma Pi Fraternity. In addition, Curt earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, graduating first in his class with concentrations in both Finance and Strategic Management.

Curt began his career at the Chicago Board of Trade where he eventually served as Manager of Market Surveillance and was responsible for detecting and preventing manipulations of the Exchange’s agricultural and equity products. Curt then served as Executive Director of Product Strategy and Development at both Invesco and Morgan Stanley. He currently is a Senior Vice President at Nuveen Investments and is responsible for leading the product development efforts of the firm’s U.S. and global product lines. 

Curt served on the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education from 2005-12, holding the office of President from 2009-12. During Curt’s tenure on the board, District 204’s ACT score grew by 1.4 points – seven times the U.S. growth rate. In addition, the percentage of residents grading the District an "A" or "B" increased from 76% to 87%.

In 2012, Curt was appointed to the Illinois State Board of Education by Governor Quinn.

2012 Inductee:

Gene DiMonte ~ Class of 1984

During his years as a student at Waubonsie Valley, Gene was President of Thespian Society and active in theater and drama by building sets and helping with the back stage support.  He was also a member of National Honor Society and was listed in “Who’s Who of American High School Students.”

After high school, Gene continued his education at Northern Illinois University and graduated with honors with a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering Design.  Remaining active during his college years, Gene was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau National Honors Fraternity and served on the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee.

Gene’s professional career includes work at Del Monte Canning Company and Packard Instrument Company. Gene is the founder and owner of DiMonte Group, Inc. which is a full service product development outsourcing firm that provides industrial design and engineering design services.  The company has successfully completed over 1,300 development and engineering projects for its growing client base. 

Gene is very active in the community. He serves on the Advisory Committee for the College of Engineering and Technology at Northern Illinois University, and serves as a design advisor for the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University. For the Indian Prairie School District, Gene serves as an advisor on the Technology Engineering Education Advisory Committee, provides internships for students, and has donated drafting hardware, computer equipment and CADD software to Waubonsie Valley High School.

2011 Inductee:

Bert Belasco ~ Class of 2001

As a student at Waubonsie Valley, Bert Belasco was a member of the varsity basketball team and a popular student with staff and peers because of his vibrant personality and charm.  Bert leads the cast for the first original scripted romantic comedy for the BET network entitled Let's Stay Together; and he scored the #1 spot for the Super Bowl Snickers Commercial with Betty White.

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, but raised in Allentown, PA and  New York City, Bert moved to Naperville and became a Waubonsie Valley Warrior in 1997.  During his junior year at WV, he was asked to be Will Smith for an impersonation assembly---the performance was a hit---it was after this that he found his true calling and decided to become an actor.  After graduation, Bert attended Southern Illinois University as a theater major and he earned his theatre degree from SIUC in 2005. This same year, he starred in Home and had the lead in other plays including The Greenbird and Parade.  Bert also worked in Chicago's famed Second City and participated in the TVI Actors Studio Summer Institute in Los Angeles. 

Bert moved to Los Angeles two days after he graduated from college and within two months, he landed his first paying job at the age of 21 when he appeared in a commercial for the reality series Gilligan’s Island.  He has since followed his success with guest-starring roles on such hit shows as Justified and House, along with appearances in pilots for Starting Under and Dash 4 Cash.

2010 Inductee:

Parvesh Cheena ~ Class of 1997

While a student at Waubonsie Valley, Parvesh "Parv" Cheena was very involved in theater, drama and numerous activities. Within the theater program he was cast in many plays and musicals. Additionally, he was a member of Thespians, The Voice, Orchesis, Group Interp, Speech Team, Swing Choir and Student Council. After high school, Parv attended the University of Illinois and then continued his actor training at Steppenwolf theater, Second City, the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, and the Lou Conte Dance Studios.
Parv's extensive training and passion for acting has landed him roles in Film, Television, Theater, Commercials and Comedy. A few of these include the films Barbershop, Barbershop 2, Because I said So, and The Watcher. His television appearances includes roles in My Name is Earl, Brothers and Sisters, 'Til Death, Crossing Jordan, West Wing, ER, and many more. On stage, Parv has been cast in A Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Around the World in 80 Days, and other productions. Parv has also performed in sketch comedy and Improv at Second City, and he is a founding member of the White House Theater and Rasaka Theater in Chicago.
Parv's talents and skill sets include proficiency in many sports, stage combat training, dance, improvisation, singing, horseback riding, circus skills, sign language, and he can speak in many dialects and several languages.

2009 Inductee:

Mark Pankuch, Ph.D. ~ Class of 1987

Medical Physicist, Dr. Mark Pankuch, was a member of National Honor Society at Waubonsie Valley and was enrolled in various honors and Advanced Placement classes. He was a member of both the football and basketball teams during his years at WVHS. Mark received a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois Benedictine University. He earned his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from Rush University in Chicago where he earned the prestigious Doctoral Fellowship Award and was also named the winner of the "Young Investigators in Biomedical Engineering and Research".
Dr. Pankuch has served as a college professor in the medical area at National Louis Univesity, the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, and the University of Wisconsin. He has several published works and started a medical physics consulting firm "Computer Physics Solutions, LLC".
His motto is "service above self". He and his wife regularly give back to the community.

2008 Inductee:

Robert J. Millar, M.D. ~ Class of 1977

Dr. Millar was a member of National Honor Society and was a National Merit Scholar at Waubonsie. He was quarterback and captain of the football team for the first two years of Waubonsie's existence, played basketball, and was All-Conference in baseball. Dr. Millar attended Drake University and received his B.A. in Biology with Cum Laude honors. He continued his education at Loyola University School of Medicine and University of Iowa, completing his doctorial education in 1985. Dr. Millar completed his internship and residency at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio. By 1998 he was Board Certified in Family Practice.

Since becoming Board Certified Dr. Millar has been an instructor for Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, a Medical Director of Dover-New Philadelphia Emergency Room, formed a solo practice in Moline, Illinois, and ventured into a family care group practice utilizing a “without walls” concept. In 1991, Dr. Millar joined the John Deere Medical Group of the Quad Cities as a charter member. He was featured in the New York Times for the innovative HMO concept the group developed that caters to quality care.

Dr. Millar ventured back to the Naperville area in 2002, joining Hobson Family Medical Associates and currently with the Lakeside Family Practice. He has also been involved with the Aurora-Naperville Rotary, NCO Youth and Family Services Board, Heritage National Healthplan Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Committees, and the Western Illinois IPA Budget Committee. Dr. Millar is a member of the AMA, AAFP, Rock Island County Medical Society,
American Geriatric Society, and American Society of Addition Medicine.

2007 Inductee:

Kristy (Anderson) Glass ~ Class of 1997

Kristy was a member of National Honor Society and International Thespian Society. She was a member of the Drama Club, Student Council, Swing Choir, Varsity Singers, Musicals, IHSA Competitions, and Choir.  Kristy was an active student leader as President of Student Council in 1997, All-State Theatre in 1996, and All-State Chorus in 1997.

She attended DePaul University, graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor of Music. Kristy has sung at the Chicago Theatre, National Theatre, Kennedy Center, Secondstage Theatre, Folger Theatre, and Studio Theatre in Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City. She has performed for ABC’s Primetime Live, anchored by Diane Sawyer and starred in the infant video series Eebee’s Adventures. Kristy has appeared in numerous print advertisements and is one of the 20 models featured in the Discovery Health Channel series: Runway Moms. She is currently a spokeswoman for Nuvaring. Kristy’s latest project has been her debut album, Picture a Christmas. Her current teaching also includes music teachers of small children and women 18 years and older. Kristy also performs for the Mt. Sinai Children’s Hospital in Manhattan on their closed circuit Kidzone television station.  Kristy and her family currently reside in Long Island City.

2006 Inductee:

Derke Price ~ Class of 1981

The 1981 Salutatorian was a member of NHS, a conference champion on the Math Team, and specialized in Extemporaneous Speech as a member of the Speech Team. Derke was President of the Student Council, was a member of the newspaper staff and performed in nine theatre productions. He played tennis, was a founding member of the WV Hockey team and was the 1980 Homecoming King.

Derke graduated from Wheaton College in 1985 and earned his law degree in 1988 from Harvard University. His is a partner at the law firm of Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni & Krafthefer, representing municipalities in northern Illinois in the areas of Municipal Law, Special Districts, Real Estate Law, and Land & Economic Development.

He serves as the attorney for several villages and park districts and is Chairman of the Naperville Plan Commission and is an active supporter of many organizations in Naperville.

2005 Inductee:

Cynthia (Curry) Bell ~ Class of 1986

Cindy was Student Council Vice-President, Pom squad captain, and Homecoming and Prom Queen. She earned her Bachelor's degree at Cedarville University and her Masters in Educational Administration from Wright State University.

Cindy is a recipient of the prestigious Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. She was also honored as the Math & Science "Teacher of the Year" in the state of Ohio and has been honored by Who's Who of American Educators. She currently teaches in the Indian Prairie School District where she is a perennial recipient of the "Most Influential Educator Award" and is an Adjunct Professor for Rockford College.

2004 Inductee:

Stathis Poulakidas ~ Class of 1988

Stathis was President of his Senior class, President of NHS, and a member of Student Council. He also served as a tutor throughout his years at WV. In Basketball, he earned an All-Conference Honorable Mention award. He attended Illinois Benedictine College, earning his degree in Biochemistry and then his M.D. at Chicago Medical School where he earned numerous academic awards.His residency was at Loyola University Medical Center.

He was a Burn Surgery Fellow at the Shriner's Hospital at the University of California and then at UC-Davis in a Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship. Stathis is actively involved in a number of medical associations and societies and is a Board Certified Surgeon as well as being Board Certified in Critical Care.

2003 Inductee:

Fabien Bownes ~ Class of 1990

A late bloomer, Fabien did not play Football until his Senior year, but he was named All-Conference Honorable Mention. A standout sprinter, Fabien medaled in the Indoor State Track meet in 1990 in the 200 Dash. He attended Western Illinois University Where he was a two-time Conference Champion in both the 100 and 200 as well as a four-time letter winner in both Football and Track.  He was the National Champion in the 200 Dash in 1991 and also qualified for Nationals in the 100 and 4 X 100 Relay. He was also a two-time Olympic Tryout Qualifier. Fabien earned his degree in Communications at WIU and was on the Dean's List.

After college, Fabien played for the Chicago Bears from 1995-99 and then with the Seattle Seahawks from 1999-2002, earning numerous accolades. He volunteered for the United Way and upon his retirement, came back to WV and coached football and track.

2002 Inductee:

Stephen C. Jumper ~ Class of 1980

Steve was Senior Class President and a member of the National Honor Society. He played Football, Basketball and Baseball. He pitched two "no-hitters" in baseball and is on the top-ten list of all-time scorers in basketball. Steve earned his Bachelors in Geological Sciences at University of Texas at Austin and advanced his education at Graduate School at the University of Texas, Permian Basin.

As a Geophysicist, Steve is the President, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Dawson Geophysical in Midland, Texas. He is a member of various Geophysical and Geological Societies and has co-authored several professional and technical papers. Steve also volunteers his time for youth in Little League, Boy Scouts and church.

2001 Inductee:

Kevin Broihier ~ Class of 1987

Kevin was Co-Valedictorian, a National Merit Scholar, an NHS member, Editor for the school newspaper and winner of departmental awards in science, foreign language and social studies. He was active in four sports, helping to set a school track record in the 1600 Relay and serving as Captain of the first WVHS soccer team.

Kevin majored in Psychology at the University of Chicago where his studies included speech perception and artificial intelligence. He the earned his PH. D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cognitive Science, focusing on models of human language acquisition. He has an active career in quantitative research, computer programming and trading securities in Asian markets.

2000 Inductee:

Dawn (Shuneman) DeSart ~ Class of 1981

While a student at WVHS, Dawn was active in the arts and related extracurricular activities. She was in various choral groups, competed on the Speech team, and acted in and directed Waubonsie theater productions. She graduated from Mankato State in Minnesota with a degree in Mass Communications and Minors in Speech and Psychology. She worked for Public Radio affiliates while in college and after graduation. She also volunteered her time at a homeless shelter and crisis intervention center.

Dawn's Emmy Award winning career focused on broadcasting in numerous venues, notably in the Chicago area where she did traffic and news for a number of radio stations and then traffic and human interest stories for WMAQ-TV. Dawn's real love is writing. She has been published in various magazines and newspapers and continues to write fiction and non-fiction.

1999 Inductee:

Dawn Marie Schaible ~ Class of 1983

At WV, Dawn was in National Honor Society and was a member of the Volleyball and Tennis teams, as well as Flag Corps and Math Team. Dawn attended Bradley University, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She then earned a Masters degree in Space Systems Operation from Florida Institute of Technology.

Dawn works for NASA and has been the Lead Engineer for Environmental Control and Life Support Systems on the Orbiter Endeavor, the Lead Test Engineer for the International Space Station's first US launched element and was a member of the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center to deploy the first element. She speaks on behalf of NASA at schools across the country and has authored various articles. She has been awarded the Space Flight Awareness Program's highest award along with multiple Certificates of Commendation.

1998 Inductee:

Paul Konrad ~ Class of 1983

Paul was active in the Arts and Student Council. He was Drum Major for the Marching Band, a member of the Concert and Swing choir, and was cast in numerous theatrical productions at Waubonsie. Paul graduated from DePaul Goodman School of Drama and went on to complete his masters in Speech, Radio, Television, and Film from Northwestern University. He studied meteorology at Mississippi State University.

Paul joined the WGN-TV Morning News team as a weathercaster/reporter in 1996. He was previously a weathercaster in Tampa, Florida as well as Montgomery, Alabama and also in Chicago with CLTV. He has won seven Emmy Awards for his broadcast work.

1997 Inductee:

Dr. Kurt Warkenthien ~ Class of 1980

The inaugural inductee to the "club" of Distinguished Alumni was involved in all aspects of high school life. He was the 1980 Valedictorian, earning departmental awards in physics and history. He was a three-sport athlete, involved in drama, and was President of the Student Council. After high school, he attended University of Illinois, getting his degree in Biology. He then moved on to Loyola Strich School of Medicine.

He set up his first practice in Monticello, IL, then went to South Carolina and then returned to Naperville where he is a Family Practitioner at Naperville Medical Associates. Throughout his life he has been involved with community service efforts as an advocate for childhood and academic health. He has sponsored athletic teams, volunteered his  time as a physician in shortage areas, served as an instructor/advisor for medical students, provided physicals as a fundraising efforts for local schools, etc. (As a fun fact, he was also a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".)

Trivia & Photos

 1976--Football games were played at Indian Plains
 1980--First "Spirit Week" at WVHS
 1981--Interior walls were built as "open campus" concept faded
 1982--WV bought four new Apple II computers.
 1983--Prom ticket prices rose from $7.00 to $7.50
 1987--Math Wing Opens
 1988--Homecoming Parade around Fox Valley Mall
 1991--Student Parking sticker costs $5.00
 1992--Atrium Wing and new Theatre open
 1996--Green & Gold Bank opens inside the WV cafeteria
          (a full service branch of Mid-America--now Math Resource)
 2000--Yearbook is renamed the "Arrowhead" (was originally "Neuqua")
 2001--Pottowatomie Patio is built
 2002--Graduation moves to College of DuPage
 2003--Gold (Freshmen) Campus Opens
 2007--Girls Soccer wins 1st team state championship in school's athletic history
 2009--Gold Campus Closes
 2012--Graduation moves to Northern Illinois University's Convocation Center

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Original Staff - 1975

Original Staff - 1975

Original Staff 1975


Original Staff - 1975
Original Staff - 1975

Packed Bleachers
"Back in the Day"

Lockers in the Cafeteria

 Where's the bleachers?
 and the church...
and the entrance drive...
and the Atrium?

 Before Additions

Before Walls

Open LMC

Old Main Entrance
Glass doors on right
went outside.
"Attendance" is current
Lunch Line Entrance

Cafe - At least the steps are still there

Old Entrance at Night
Pretend you're sitting in the Atrium looking at the Cafe entrance.

Old Entrance
Left of Entrance
was Art.
Far left - Old Auditorium

1976 - Looking West
No Softball Fields
No Lake Waubonsie

1979 - Looking West
The Lake has been dug

Looking North/Northeast

Looking North -
Baseball field is  under construction.
Now-Basically the Student Lot
and Fieldhouse.
Courts have since doubled.

Cross Country 1981

Like Fish
Out of Water

 Haven't I Seen Him on
Channel Nine's Weather?

 "Burns" vs. the "Swifts"

and "Mortimer"

How big
was your hair?

 Classic Fashions
for the Staff.
 Albin Grill, Sue Mead,
Fred Johnson, Ed Thompson, Sue Mack, Richard Kerner,
Sher Renken, Tom Weber

Dedicated Staff

Ye Olde Weight Room
Now the Dance Room



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