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Girls Badminton


WVHS Badminton

Current Season:


 Varsity Coach:
Sheldon Luo

JV Coach:

Freshman Coach:
Jennifer Nebor

Team History

WV Girls Badminton History

WVHS Girls Badminton became a Varsity Sport in the Spring of 2002

Year Coach Overall Conf. Record Conf. Place Notable
2017-18Terry Zettle3-80-89th 
2016-17Terry Zettle
0-160-89th15th in State 
2015-16 Terry Zettle 0-12 0-8 9th 18th in State 
2014-15 Terry Zettle 5-6 5-5 7th 16th in State 
2013-14 Karma Vallandingham 5-19 5-5 5th  
2012-13 Karma Vallandingham 10-9 5-4 4th  
2011-12 Karma Vallandingham 16-8-1 7-2 5th  
2010-11 Karma Vallandingham 7-4 6-3 3rd  
2009-10 Karma Vallandingham 9-5 7-4 7th  
2008-09 Carla Griffin &
Megan Weemer
3-7   9th  
2007-08 Alyssa Battaglia
& Carla Griffin
8-6 6-6 4th  
2006-07 Don Sullivan 8-5 6-4 6th  
2005-06 Lucy Sullivan 10-2 9-2 3rd  
2004-05 Carolyn Strasen 9-6 6-4 5th  
2003-04 Carolyn Strasen 7-3   4th  
2002-03 Alex Ip     6th  
2001-02 Alyssa Battaglia 2-11 2-9 8th  

Blank spaces in Records and Conference placement are unknown.

All-Conference & State Qualifiers

WVHS Badminton

State Qualifiers



Rebecca Hsu 2004
Joyce Tsai 2004
Rebecca Hsu 2005
Joyce Tsai 2005
Rebecca Hsu 2006
Joyce Tsai 2006
Christine Liu 2009
Christine Liu 2010
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan
All-State - 5th
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan
All-State - 6th
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan
All-State - 6th
 Sonu Manoharan2018




Rebecca Hsu
Conference Champ-1st Singles
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan
Conference Champ-1st Singles
 Jessica Kim 2015
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan2016
Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan2017
 Vaishali (Shalu) Manoharan 2018

Some information may be missing or unknown. 

Season Recaps

WVHS Girls Badminton Season Recaps


Varsity:  0-7 in Conference, 3-8 Overall, 9th in Conference
Freshman: 1-7 in Conference, 3-8 Overall, 9th in Conference

Year 2018 was a very exciting and challenging season. All players showed good improvement by winning games and matches. Looking forward to next season. 


Varsity: 0-16 Overall, 0-8 in Conference (9th Place)Varsity Picture 
JV1: 0-16 Overall, 0-8 in Conference (9th Place)   JV1 Picture 
JV2: 2-10 Overall, 1-7 in Conference (8th Place)  JV2 Picture

  • Neha Bagde: All-Academic
  • Hemapratyusha Chunda: All-Academic
  • Meera Jagannathan: All-Academic
  • Hamsini Kala: All-Academic
  • Sabrina Li: All-Academic
  • Shalu Manoharan: All-Academic, All-Conference, MVP, State Qualifier, All-State (6th)
  • Rida Raziuddin: All-Academic
  • Sharya Shah: All-Academic
  • Shejuti Shahrair: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Ilakkiya Venkatachalam: All-Academic


Varsity: 0-12 Overall. 0-8 in Conference (9th Place), 3rd in Sectionals, 18th in State      
           Varsity Picture
JV: 0-12 Overall. 0-8 in Conference (9th Place)   JV1 Picture
Frosh: 1-11 Overall. 0-8 in Conference (9th Place)   JV2 Picture

  • Neha Bagde: All-Academic
  • Anvita Hariharan: All-Academic
  • Hamsini Kala: All-Academic
  • Yashaswini Kumthekar: All-Academic
  • Sabrina Li: All-Academic
  • Shalu Manoharan: All-Academic, MVP, All-Conference, State Qualifier,
    ALL-STATE - 6th in Singles
  • Urva Mehveen: All-Academic
  • Sadhvi Narayanan: All-Academic
  • Vaishnavi Sadigale: All-Academic, Sportsmanship
  • Maahi Shah: All-Academic
  • Shejuti Shahriar: All-Academic
  • Nirai Subramani: All-Academic


Varsity: 5-6 Overall, 5-5 in Conference (7th Place), 3rd in Sectionals  Varsity Picture
JV1: 3-8 Overall, 3-7 in Conference (10th Place)  JV Picture
JV2: 1-10 Overall, 1-9 in Conference (13th Place)

  • Anvita Hariharan: All-Academic
  • Ritika Jain: All-Academic
  • Jessica Kim: All-Academic, All-Conference
  • Gauri Kulkarni: All-Academic
  • Yashaswini Kumthekar: All-Academic
  • Sadhvi Narayanan: All-Academic
  • Sharanya Reddy: All-Academic
  • Vaishnavi Sadigale: All-Academic
  • Komal Sandhu: All-Academic, Sportsmanship
  • Vaishali Manoharan: MVP, All-Conference, Sectional Champion, All-State - 5th Place
  • Glaisha Segura: All-Academic

Varsity and JV teams both performed at or above expectations throughout the season, culminating with good showings at our final Upstate Eight Conference Tournament. The Varsity team won the Wheaton North Quad and placed 3rd at the DeKalb Invite.
Varisty finished 3rd at Downers Grove North Sectional while Shalu Manoharan was individual champion.  Shalu completed the season winning individual titles at the conference tournament and the IHSA Sectional tournament.  Jess Kim finished one match short of qualifying for State.  Shalu placed 5th at the State tournament in Charleston, losing only one match during the weekend and finishing the season 33-1.


Varsity: 5-19 Overall, 5-5 in Conference (5th in Valley Division)  Varsity Picture
JV: 6-9 Overall, 4-5 in Conference   JV Picture
JV2: 2-9 Overall, 2-8 in Conference

  • Nikitha Garapaty: Sportsmanship Award
  • Sarah Campos: All-Academic
  • Clare Hoffert: All-Academic
  • Dina Puthenpurakal: All-Academic
  • Jessica Kim: All-Academic
  • Gauri Kulkarni: All-Academic
  • Komal, Sandhu: All-Academic
  • Glaisha Segura: All-Academic
  • Taylor Tremain: All-Academic
  • Shreya Prakash: All-Academic
  • Sadhvi Narayanan: All-Academic
  • Vaishnavi Sadigale: All-Academic

Along with the Conference team matches, the Varsity Team was able to participate in 2 triangulars, 1 quad and 2 invites. The team placed 5th the Valley Division of the Upstate Eight Conference.  The girls showed great competitive spirit at Conference and throughout the season with several split sets.  Win or lose, the team displayed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the game.  The season also included team buildings activities of Puff Painting, Bad-Minute-To-Win-It competition, team dinner and Senior Night combined with a family dinner and court time.  


Varsity: 10-9 Overall, 5-4 in Conference (4th Place)  Varsity Picture
JV: 6-5 Overall, 6-3 in Conference (4th Place)   JV Picture
JV2: 4-8 Overall, 3-6 in Conference

  • Nikita Hariharan: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Sarah Campos: All-Academic, MVP
  • Karishma Chadha: All-Academic
  • Clare Hoffert: All-Academic
  • Jessica Kim: All-Academic
  • Neevi Kukreti: All-Academic
  • Shrestha Singh: All-Academic
  • Nithya Sridhar: All-Academic
  • Jessica Pang: All-Academic

The team placed 4th the Valley Division of the Upstate Eight Conference with individual 4th place medals going to Shrestha Singh (singles and doubles) Nithya Sridhar (doubles) and Sarah Campos (singles).  At Sectionals three of the four teams came one game away from qualifying for State. We had a total of 37 girls on Varsity, JV and JV2 with only 5 seniors. That means most of the team will be back for a strong season next year!


Varsity: 16-8-1 Overall, 7-2 in Conference (5th Place)  Varsity  Picture
JV: 7-4 Overall, 4-2 in Conference   JV Picture
JV2: 7-7 Overall, 7-2 in Conference

  • Julia Bond: All-Academic
  • Sarah Campos: All-Academic
  • Chadha Karishma: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Patricia Chen: All-Academic
  • Rachel Dieter: All-Academic
  • Safa Farid: All-Academic
  • Nikita Hariharan: All-Academic
  • Marketa Nasenbeny: All-Academic
  • Ritika Rao: All-Academic
  • Chinar Raul: All-Academic
  • Shrestha Singh: All-Academic, MVP
  • Nithya Sridhar: All-Academic

The WV Badminton squad played 24 different teams throughout the year in a variety of formats including duals, quads and tournament play ending with 16 wins, 7 losses and one tie for first place at the West Aurora Quad. The team placed 5th in the Upstate Eight Conference Valley Division and a strong showing was made at Sectionals with three of the four teams making it to the quarter finals. 


Varsity: 7-4 Overall, 6-3 in Conference (3rd Place)  Team Picture
JV: 6-5 Overall, 5-4 in Conference (4th Place)
JV2: 4-6-1 Overall, 4-3-1 in Conference

  • Karishma Chadha: All-Academic
  • Kat Dolan: Sportsmanship Award
  • Rachael Holland: All-Academic, MVP
  • Ritika Rao: All-Academic
  • Mehak Sandhu: All-Academic
  • Shrestha Singh: All-Academic
  • Nithya Sridhar: All-Academic
  • Aparna Srinath: All-Academic
  • Sheryl Wang: All-Academic


Varsity: 9-5 Overall, 7-4 in Conference (7th Place)   Team Picture
JV: 4-11 Overall, 4-7 in Conference (8th Place)

  • Sheetal Gade: All-Academic
  • Rachael Holland: All-Academic
  • Tracy Lau: All-Academic
  • Christine Liu: All-Academic, State Participant
  • Ashwini Rajan: All-Academic
  • Chinar Raul: All-Academic
  • Mehak Sandhu: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Aparna Srinath: All-Academic
  • Parita Vakharia: All-Academic
  • Sheryl Wang: All-Academic


Varsity: 3-7 Overall, 9th in Conference   Team Picture
JV: 3-7 Overall, 8th in Conference

  • Kat Dolan: Sportsmanship Award
  • Sheetal Gade: All-Academic
  • Jessica Hsu: All-Academic
  • Tracy Lau: All-Academic
  • Christine Liu: All-Academic, State Qualifier, MVP
  • Parita Vakharia: All-Academic
  • Faye Yao: All-Academic
  • Elizabeth Yorka: All-Academic


Varsity: 8-6 Overall, 6-6 in Conference (4th place)  Team Picture
JV: 7-6 Overall, 7-5 in Conference (6th place)

  • Radhika Akolkar: All-Academic
  • Katherine Lau: All-Academic
  • Corinne Martin: All-Academic
  • Monisha Murjani: All-Academic
  • Monica Sood: All-Academic
  • Jessica Tatar: All-Academic
  • Faye Yao: All-Academic


Varsity: 8-5 Overall, 6-4 in Conference (6th Place), 2nd at the DeKalb Invite
JV: 8-5 Overall, 6-4 in Conference

  • Rebecca Hsu: Conference Champion (1st Singles), All-Academic
  • Rakhika Akolkar: All-Academic
  • Jessica Kawabata: All-Academic
  • Corinne Martin: All-Academic
  • Monisha Murjani: All-Academic
  • Pooja Patel: All-Academic
  • Monica Sood: All-Academic
  • Jessica Tatar: All-Academic


Varsity: 9-2 in Conference and 10-2 overall, 3rd in the Conference,
Sectional Finish-3rd, State Finish 23rd-doubles team in top 8,
DeKalb Varsity Invite - 3rd out of 8, Lincoln-Way Central Invite - 5th out of 10
Joyce Tsai and Rebecca Hsu-won first 3 matches at State to reach Elite Eight
JV: 8-3 in Conference 9-3 overall, 4th in the Conference
  • Nivedita Chandrasekharan-All Academic
  • Kriti Goel-All Academic
  • Rebecca Hsu-State Participant, All Academic
  • Corinne Martin-All Academic
  • Jessica Plamerin-All Academic, Sportsmanship
  • Pooja Patel-All Academic
  • Farrah Siganporia-All Academic
  • Chen Zhu-All Academic
  • Joyce Tsai-State Participant, MVP


Varsity: 9-6 Overall, 6-4 in Conference (5th Place)
JV: 6-4 (4th in Conference)

  • Nivedita Chandrasekharan: All-Academic
  • Kriti Goel: All-Academic
  • Rebecca Hsu: All-Academic. State Qualifier
  • Jessica Palmerin: All-Academic
  • Pooja Patel: All-Academic
  • Katie Reid: Sportsmanship Award
  • Farrah Siganporia: All-Academic
  • Joyce Tsai: MVP, State Qualifier
  • Chen Zhu: All-Academic


  • Kathryn Brayton-All Academic
  • Jen Clouthier-All Academic, MVP
  • Julie Degner-All Academic
  • Cindy Hsu-All Academic
  • Rebecca Hsu-State Participant
  • Karen Lee-All Academic
  • Shelly Oh-All Academic
  • Joyce Tsai-State Participant
  • Sara Tsai-All Academic, Sportsmanship Award

This was a very successful season for the girls badminton team in several different ways.  Both our varsity and JV teams improved their season record from last year with varsity earning 4th place in the conference and 7-3 overall and JV earning 5th place in conference and 6-4 overall.   Individually, each player improved their level of play throughout the season.   The Varsity team finished 3rd at Sectional. Our varsity doubles team of Joyce Tsai and Rebecca Hsu finished 3rd in the sectional, qualifying them for state.  The doubles team was eliminated after the 1st round at state competition. 


Varsity: 6th in Conference
JV: 7th in Conference

  • Dipali Bharadwaj: All-Academic
  • Dima Dairanieh: All-Academic
  • Cindy Hsu: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Kristin Kolzow: All-Academic
  • Sarita Mutha: All-Academic
  • Shelly Oh: All-Academic
  • Sara Tsai: All-Academic


Inaugural Season! Vars: 2-11 Overall 2-9 in Conference (8th Place)
JV: 4-11 Overall, 4-7 in Conference (6th Place)

  • Dima Dairanieh: All-Academic
  • Kristin Kolzow: All-Academic
  • Sarita Mutha: All-Academic
  • Helen Pao: All-Academic
  • Susan Tsai: All-Academic
  • Eiko Umehara: All-Academic, Sportsmanship Award
  • Christine Wang: All-Academic


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