Waubonsie Valley High School

Indian Prairie School District 204


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Mission of the PTA

  Support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.
  To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children.
  To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.

Purpose of the PTA

          To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school,  
        community and place of worship.
          To raise the standards of home life.
          To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children
        and youth.
          To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that 
        parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the
        education of children and youth.
          To develop between educators and the general public such 
        united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the
        highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual


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Why Join The WVHS PTA?

The WVHS PTA is a not for profit parent and teacher organization. It benefits all of our students and staff by funding project and departmental grants, student activities, senior scholarships, staff luncheons, and many other activities. By joining the WVHS PTA, you become part of a nationwide organization whose vision is “Making every child’s potential a reality”.

WVHS PTA Programs and Events

Annual PTA Auction                 LMC Volunteers
Senior Scholarships               Seasonal Newsletter
  Graduation Signs                 One-Day Volunteers 
        Staff Grant Program        Support Young Hearts For Life  
    Senior Sailabration Support     Support for district wide PTA’s
Community Service               IPPC Scholarships 
    Staff Hospitality                WVHS Clubs support
Building Improvement Projects   Link Crew Lunch 
Green & Gold Hospitality              Baccalaureate Hospitality
       Career Day Support             One Book One School Support
Annual 5K Run w/ WV Athletic Booster Club

Ways To Support WVHS PTA

Become a Member         Restaurant Nights
Annual PTA Auction   
No Bake Sale Donation Program       Volunteer for a Committee   

2016-2017 PTA Meetings
  At 7:00 PM in the WVHS Warrior Room - 156
Sep 13, Nov 15, Jan 10, Mar 14, & April 18
All are invited and welcome to attend meetings.

Thank You For Your Support!


WV PTA 2016-2017 Event Dates

Aug 8-11 – Waubonsie Readiness Days PTA Membership Table
Aug 9 – Freshman Orientation
Aug 18 – Staff Breakfast - PTA Provides Coffee

Sep 7 – Curriculum Night
Sep 13 – PTA Meeting, 7:00 PM, The Warrior Room (156)
Oct 2 – Warriors on the Color 5K Run with Boosters

Nov 10
– Staff Appetizer/Dessert Day provided by PTA

Nov 15 – PTA meeting, 7:00 PM, The Warrior Room (156)

Jan 10 – PTA meeting, 7:00 PM, LMC

Mar 2 - Staff Snack Day

Mar 14 – PTA Meeting, 7:00 PM, The Warrior Room (156)

Apr 18 – PTA meeting, 7:00 PM, The Warrior room (156)


Waubonsie Valley’s PTA also provides volunteers throughout the year
for dance ticket sales, t-shirt sales, homecoming events, graduation
events and other school events.


2016-2017 PTA Meetings @ 7:00 PM in The Warrior Room
(Classroom 156)
Sept 13, Nov 15, Jan 10, March 14, and April 18
All are invited and welcome to attend meetings.



2016-17 Spring Newsletter

2016-17 Quarter 1 Newsletter

2015-16 Quarter 4 Newsletter

2015-16 Quarter 2 Newsletter

2015-16 Quarter 1 Newsletter

2014-15 Quarter 4 Newsletter

2014-15 Quarter 3 Newsletter

2014-15 Quarter 2 Newsletter

2014-15 Quarter 1 Newsletter

WVHS PTA 2016-2017 Contact List

Board Members

Co- Presidents
Amy Benson, amyebenson@comcast.net, 630-605-3031
Joan Vitro, jvitro@me.com, 630-802-5019 

1st Vice President  
Jill York, Jill_York65@yahoo.com, 630-240-7774

2nd Vice President 
Tracey Parks, lynnparks@msn.com, 704-299-8798

Recording Secretary 
Nancy Hunt, huntnancy@sbcglobal.net, 630-779-3302 (cell)

Corresponding Secretary
Pam Blessing, blessing35@hotmail.com

Pete Makris, peter.makris@ejgallo.com 

Committee Chairs

Cara Genzer, cgenzer@hotmail.com

Tracey Parks, lynnparks@msn.com

Warriors on The Run/5K
Joan Vitro, jvitro@me.com

Wendy Ruhde, wendy.ruhde@att.net
Joan Vitro, jvitro@me.com

Staff Grants
Karen Supel, k.supel@yahoo.com

LMC Volunteer Coordinator
Robin Church, rhmchurch@comcast.net

Kathy Luczynski, luczynski_kathy@sbcglobal.net

Graduation Signs
Mary Howicz, mhowicz@comcast.net
Brenda Laws, bogie67@comcast.net

One Day Volunteers
Stephanie Keys, stephikeys@comcast.net 

Project Runway
Amy Benson, amyebenson@comcast.net

Joan Vitro, tomandjoan@msn.com

Quarterly Newsletter
Jill York, Jill_York65@yahoo.com

Restaurant Nights
Kathy Luczynski, luczynski_kathy@sbcglobal.net

Joan Vitro, jvitro@me.com

2016-2017 National PTA Reflections Theme: "What is your story?"

The WVHS PTA believes all students deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in the annual arts Reflections Program.The PTA Reflections program is designed to enhance a quality arts education by providing opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas: VISUAL ARTS, DANCE, FILM PRODUCTION,LITERATURE, MUSICAL COMPOSITION,and PHOTOGRAPHY.For more than 40 years, this program has encouraged millions of students across the nation and in American schools overseas to create works of art for fun and recognition.

Only new works and pieces of art directly related to, and an expression of this year's theme "What is your story?" are eligible. All entry submissions are due Oct. 26, 2016 in the reception area near the visitor's desk. Or email annpach@yahoo.com if alternate drop off location is needed. Please read the specific category rules very carefully.

Students may enter as many works of art in as many categories as they wish, but only one of each student's entries in each category will move forward to the next judging level. All entries must follow both the General Rules and the Specific Rules for each category. All entries will be judged on expression of the theme, originality, creativity, and artistic merit. Five pieces of work from each category will be chosen to represent Waubonsie Valley High School at the local Indian Prairie Parent's Council level of the competition. A student's work may then be judged to continue to compete at the Northern Illinois District 36 level, next to the DuPage West Region and then on to the State of Illinois, and then to the National Competition.

Important Note: Each student is encouraged to make and keep a copy of their submitted work. Some projects may not be returned safely or timely, and work will not be returned by the National PTA.Deadline Date: All entries must be received by 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. A completed and signed official student entry form must be attached to each entry; don't forget the artist statement. Please see links below for entry forms and rules or go to http://www.illinoispta.org/reflections.html

Special Artist: This is a non-graded division limited to students whose physical, cognitive or mental health challenges meet the guidelines set forth in the American Disabilities Act. Qualifying students create their own artwork but may receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult. Students who qualify for the Special Artist Division may choose to enter in the traditional grade division. If this is the case, the student will follow all general rules and arts category rules, but may submit the entry in the grade division most closely aligned to their cognitive or functional abilities.

Contact: Ann Pachapa, WVHS PTA Reflections Chair, at annpach@yahoo.com.