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September College Visits At Waubonsie Valley

Reported by ryan_Vankampen@ipsd.org on 9/11/17

College visits start this week in Waubonsie Valley’s College and Career Center.

Each year College Representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities visit Waubonsie Valley during the school day to give presentations about their schools and to meet Waubonsie students. These visits are held in the College and Career Center, now located within the Senior House in the Main Office. Attending a college rep visit is a good way for students to gain information about a school he/she is potentially interested in to see if it would be a good fit and to get their questions answered. This is one way of building or narrowing a college list to decide which schools to visit and ultimately to which to apply. Students may login to Naviance with their student email and computer login to view and sign up for upcoming college visits.

Suggested questions to ask on a college visit!

Students may login to Naviance with their student email and computer login to view and sign up for upcoming college visits. On Naviance, the visit calendar is updated as new visits are scheduled. Please check Family Connection frequently! College Visits are also advertised on the hallway plasma TVs during the school day.

To access Family Connection, visit the Naviance website
• Username: Student school email
• Password: Single Sign On Password

Once you are logged in to Family Connection, access a full list of scheduled visits by clicking on the "Colleges" tab and then "View All Upcoming Visits." Juniors and Seniors can sign up for college visits on Naviance or in the College and Career Center.

• All college visits are held during lunch/option periods in the College Career Center. Bring your student ID.
• Attending a college visit during a class? Please fill out a college visit permission form at least 24 hours in advance. Secure your teacher signature giving permission for you to attend during classtime. Bring the signed permission slip with you to the visit. Click here to access the college visit permission form.
• Attending a college visit during lunch/option? Sign up 24 hours in advance on Naviance and bring your student ID card to the college visit.

Below is a list of Colleges Scheduled to Visit Waubonsie Valley in September:
Washington University in St. Louis Mon 9/11/2017 7th Period
Cornell University Tue 12-Sep-17 6th Period
Bradley University Tue 12-Sep-17 5th Period
Loyola University Chicago Wed 13-Sep-17 7th Period
University of Dayton Wed 13-Sep-17 4th Period
Saint Mary's College Thu 14-Sep-17 7th Period
St. Olaf College Thu 14-Sep-17 6th Period
Ferris State University Thu 14-Sep-17 5th Period
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mon 18-Sep-17 7th Period
Beloit College Mon 18-Sep-17 6th Period
University of Nebraska at Lincoln Mon 18-Sep-17 5th Period
University of Central Missouri Mon 18-Sep-17 4th Period
Carthage College Tue 19-Sep-17 7th Period
University of Southern California Tue 19-Sep-17 6th Period
North Central College Tue 19-Sep-17 5th Period
Yale University Tue 19-Sep-17 4th Period
Loras College Wed 20-Sep-17 7th Period
Elmhurst College Wed 20-Sep-17 6th Period
Butler University Wed 20-Sep-17 5th Period
Lincoln College (Lincoln) Wed 20-Sep-17 4th Period
Sacred Heart University Thu 21-Sep-17 7th Period
DePaul University Thu 21-Sep-17 6th Period
University of California, Los Angeles Thu 21-Sep-17 5th Period
The University of Arizona Thu 21-Sep-17 4th Period
Iowa State University Mon 25-Sep-17 7th Period
Monmouth College Mon 25-Sep-17 6th Period
Case Western Reserve University Mon 25-Sep-17 5th Period
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles Mon 25-Sep-17 4th Period
Xavier University Tue 26-Sep-17 7th Period
Texas Christian University Tue 26-Sep-17 6th Period
Columbia University Tue 26-Sep-17 5th Period
Drake University Tue 26-Sep-17 4th Period
Columbia College Wed 27-Sep-17 7th Period
University of Louisville Wed 27-Sep-17 6th Period
The Ohio State University Wed 27-Sep-17 5th Period
Pomona College Wed 27-Sep-17 4th Period
Aurora University Thu 28-Sep-17 7th Period
Hope College Thu 28-Sep-17 6th Period
Augustana College Thu 28-Sep-17 4th Period


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